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Prime3dx – Feb. 2022 – Sexual Education

For February it’s all about sex, training, and education on Prime3dx.com. We will have 2 amazing updates from Miki3dx and Xalas for you this month!

cock experiment Miki3dx NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #33 – Testing, Testing, One, Two, Dick

Something hella nice’s coming our way from Miki3DX’s kitchen. If this futa goodness is just the tech demo, we can only imagine how cool the

futanari Lesbian Miki3dx Nextgenporn Store

At The Edge Of Her Clit-Cock

Dr. Valerie and Dr. Megan have found their perfect experimental subject in the blonde and busty Nicole, and now that she officially become a futanari

BDSM futanari interviews Miki3dx sneak peek

Miki3dx Sneakpeek Interview

Cafe: Hey there, Miki, thank you so much for agreeing to do one of our ‘sneak peek’ interviews! We’re excited to hear about the projects

Fantasy Erotic Miki3dx Orcs The Merovingian

Pin Her Down and Give Her Some

What do feisty warriors, innocent princesses and inexperienced vanillas have in common? That they look hella hot restrained while one or more powerful characters give

futanari Miki3dx Nextgenporn Store Nurse

The Pussy Pioneer

It takes the most daring scientists to further the frontiers of our knowledge. Dr. Megan is exactly the type of woman who will do whatever

animation Comic futanari Miki3dx Teaser

That’s no clit no more, sir! – The Experiment ch. 4 Teaser

Praise the Lord above, for the multi-talented artist Miki3dx is gracing us with piece after piece of gorgeous animation! As he prepares the release of

Detomasso futanari Miki3dx Nextgenporn Store Nonsane

Can I get an Encore? Classic Products we’d Love to See Remastered!

Anyone who’s been creating anything for awhile knows one thing: the more you do something, the better you get at doing it! As we learn

Elves Fantasy Erotic Gonzo Studios Lesbian Miki3dx Monster Redrobot3dx Straight

Naughtier by the Dozen! Best Bundle deals

You love package deals. You love porn. So we combined both!  Here are some juicy, sexy bundles to get your blood pumping. We have picked

agentredgirl animation Fab3DX Miki3dx Morfium Opinion rendering

Shots in the Dark and Fluid Art: Why is Cum so Hard to Render?

Where is all the good cum?? Why is it so hard to animate?! I’ve seen the complaint from a thousand different people in many different