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Evil Residents & Biohazard Babes

Combine Your Week With Some Freakiness! Inventory management, clunky controls, bad camera angles, sometimes worse writing…we’re talking about Resident Evil of course!  Loved by millions,

Forged3DX Horror NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #90: Valentine’s Salvation by Forged3DX

A fearsome infection. A desperate antidote. Will Jill truly do whatever it takes…even that…for her Salvation? 

Forged3DX Horror NGP Candy Rule34

Nextgen Candy #85: Big Boss by Forged3DX

Jill has reached peak evolution, and she’s not alone. She has lots of friends, and she wants to share her assets with the world! 

Horror ImpAntique3D Nextgenporn Store NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy #32: Portrait of Power by ImpAntique3D

Elegant in simplicity, confident in nudity, and exquisite in character. A woman this hauntingly beautiful can simply peer into your soul with her depthless gaze,

3DZen Horror NGP Candy Zombie

NextGen Candy #028 – Can Claire Redfield Handle the Rocket Launcher

The youngest Redfield has always been up for a challenge, whatever it is. Giant zombie monster cocks are no different. She might get overpowered in

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Lady Dimitres-Coom and Her Horny Friends

The Resident Evil franchise has been inspiring all sorts of boners from its very beginning, and has done nothing but perfect its collection of stunning

Horror NGP Candy Nyl

Nextgen Candy #008 – lady Di from Nyl

We just love what the 3dx scene is doing with Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil 8. From the recent NGP release from Goldenmaster to the

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Trapped at Cumbrella’s Breeding Quarters

Jane St. Patrick has always been a career-oriented woman, focused on protecting the city from Cumbrella’s X-virus and all the horny abominations it creates. But

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Lick em’ & Stick em’: Residential Evil XXX 7 by 3DZen

3Dzen spearheads horror/sci-Fi 3D erotica once again with the 7th installment of Residential Evil XXX! We continue to cover this unique series because it checks

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The Naughty Professor

Tess’ life is about to change forever. What started as a night like any other, will soon turn darker and naughtier than she could have