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Lawless Dickgirl Special

License and Registration, Please The best thing about “porn-logic” is that it can take an everyday occurrence, like the upholding of the law, and turn

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Hit the G-Spot at Zero-G

After fifteen (yes, fifteen!) long chapters of intergalactic sex and weird transformations that have exposed her to a slew of never before imagined forms of

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Nextgen Candy #058 – Nine feet tall, nineteen inches long

It may or may not have been in her job description that she’d have to take huge vampire futa cock while sucking herself, but well,

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Download Now NGP’s Exclusive CUNT-ent!

Aliens impregnated by futa cock, slasher parodies where people actually get to fuck, and monster wrestling turned dickgirl threesomes: all of them have a place

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Rectal Reformatory for Feisty Futas

Cry no more, body mod fetishists and impossible anal enthusiasts, for your next treat is here! And what a treat, indeed. Goldenmaster delivers quality and

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NextGen Candy #048 – Casting Perfection by GoldenMaster

Eager, stacked and primed for take off, GoldenMaster’s cast members are ready to play! What new adventures await this bevvy of beauties as they rip

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Interstellar Insemination

After a long and wacky trip through the galaxy, during which she fucked and got fucked by all sorts of horny alien entities, dickgirls Katy

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Cocoa Cock & Milf Chocolate

Ebony has earned its spot in the most-searched porn lists for a reason. The beauty and allure of black folks has captivated many, so a

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Here Cums A New Challenger

Aaaand it’s here! The long-awaited sequel of GoldenMaster’s Duel to the Holes, now with more duel and more holes! Literally.  The sequel to this futa

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Sucked in to be sucked off! First Contact 13 by Goldenmaster

A Golden opportunity You may have noticed that we’ve been regularly covering Goldenmaster’s works, especially the First Contact series. There’s a very good reason for