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Cocoa Cock & Milf Chocolate

Ebony has earned its spot in the most-searched porn lists for a reason. The beauty and allure of black folks has captivated many, so a

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Here Cums A New Challenger

Aaaand it’s here! The long-awaited sequel of GoldenMaster’s Duel to the Holes, now with more duel and more holes! Literally.  The sequel to this futa

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Sucked in to be sucked off! First Contact 13 by Goldenmaster

A Golden opportunity You may have noticed that we’ve been regularly covering Goldenmaster’s works, especially the First Contact series. There’s a very good reason for

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Nextgen Candy #018 – Intergalactic Dick-plomacy

Good relationships between intergalactic races are the key to peace in the cosmos. So we salute all those brave futa heroines from Earth and space

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Gamer Girls got Girth: Best Current R34 Futa

What do resident evil, final fantasy and overwatch all have in common, besides just being videogames? Um…some can only be played on Xbox? Uh… maybe

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The Tall Vampire Ladycock

She needs no introduction. The one and only, the Tall Vampire Lady the whole Internet has been dreaming about like crazy ever since her first

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Mass Appeal & Corporate Thrill: New R34 Showcase

34 problems but a rule ain’t one As we all know, if it exists, there is porn of it. Seemingly nothing is sacred, but some

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Spunky Sexcavators: First Contact 12 by GoldenMaster

A proper collection full of selection Good things come in dozens right? Donuts. Roses. Sci-fi transformation themed alien fucking stories. Ah, of course, we’re talking

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Time Cop a Feel: Sex Patrol Trilogy by Goldenmaster

A relatively recent time ago…in a galaxy that might not be that far away… Dickgirls in space time travel to fuck historic hotties! Goldenmaster sets

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The Dick Sucker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Our redhead intergalactic traveller just can’t take a break. When she’s not being surprise-sexed at a random motel, she’s kidnapped into a spaceship full of