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A Bit of Hanky Planky: My Personal Futa Trainer-Plank Orgasm by Futanarica

Purpose for Pain Any serious fitness enthusiast will tell you that in order to succeed, you have to have GOALS! What’s the point in training,

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Few Dates, Many Inches

Some 3DX enjoyers prefer long, juicy image sets of horny blondes with big tits riding every big cock on sight. Others feel more inclined to

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Giving her an Eye-Full Tower: From Paris with Love by Futanarica

STOP in the name of love! There’s a big misconception about 3DX and porn in general, and it’s totally unfair: that we, as a community

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Futanarica sneak peek

Cafe: Hello Futanarica! Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us and giving us a peek into what you’ve been working on! We’re

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Oh High, Teacher! Futa Highschool by Futanarica

Oh High Futanari! It’s impossible to deny the allure of college age schoolgirls lusting over a huge cock. One of our favorite animators, Futanarica, takes

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In Ho Fitness: My Personal Futa Trainer: Abs on Fire by Futanarica

When it comes to futa, most of us agree that bigger is better…within reason. We futa lovers like our ladies stacked and fully stocked, but

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Sucked in to be sucked off! First Contact 13 by Goldenmaster

A Golden opportunity You may have noticed that we’ve been regularly covering Goldenmaster’s works, especially the First Contact series. There’s a very good reason for

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Gamer Girls got Girth: Best Current R34 Futa

What do resident evil, final fantasy and overwatch all have in common, besides just being videogames? Um…some can only be played on Xbox? Uh… maybe

Eris3D Futanarica NGP Candy

Nextgen Candy: Taking a Little Break with Eris3D

Being a modern futanari isn’t always easy. Between adoring fans throwing themselves at your nubile perfection and keeping your colossal package wrapped up tight, it

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Yes Nut November!

Contrary to what some may like to believe, November is a month just as good as any other to recreate one’s eyes with the vision