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Evil Residents & Biohazard Babes

Combine Your Week With Some Freakiness! Inventory management, clunky controls, bad camera angles, sometimes worse writing…we’re talking about Resident Evil of course!  Loved by millions,

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Nextgen Candy #90: Valentine’s Salvation by Forged3DX

A fearsome infection. A desperate antidote. Will Jill truly do whatever it takes…even that…for her Salvation? 

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A Bit of Everything

The Spice of Life Back in the day, if you wanted 3D comics, you had to settle for whatever you could find on some random

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Too Hot To Handle

Turn up the AC Where it’s summer in the world, it’s warm AF, with record-breaking highs all over. Unfortunately, we’re not really helping with the

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Nextgen Candy #85: Big Boss by Forged3DX

Jill has reached peak evolution, and she’s not alone. She has lots of friends, and she wants to share her assets with the world! 

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A cornucopia of Compilations

3DXcess They say less is more, but also…more is more! This week, we’ve got some colossal new collections in the store, for stupid, dumb, absurdly

Forged3DX NGP Candy

NextGen Candy #045 – Shy Mercy by Forged3DX

Tantalized by the idea that someone might catch her in her wanton act of exhibition, Mercy’s cock throbs and bobs with thick promise. Part of

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Sextraction of Fluids: Valentine Chronicles: Infection by Forged3DX

There’s something compelling about armed women skulking through dark halls and alleys, danger lurking around every corner. Forged3DX seems to agree, but in this case,

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Night of the Giving Head: NGPs Free Halloween Creator Collab!

Are you ready to get your pants scared off? (Pants optional…) Well turn on your flickering flashlights and bolster your courage for the very first NGP

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NGP’s FREE Halloween Set Extravaganza!

Finally, the weather’s changing and we’re headed into the last stretch of the year. We could all use a break, right? That’s why we’ve decided