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Cockus Poccus! You’re a futa now!

Sometimes a futa just wants to fuck one of her kind. That’s not much to ask for, is it? Especially since this futa in particular

Emily.Rav Fantasy interviews NSFW

Emily.Rav Interview

Cafe: Emily, we’re really excited to speak with you! There are lots of things we’re curious about, but we definitely wanted to ask: were you

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From Maiden to Slut – Fantasia Gets Orc’d

The beautiful and delicate elf Fantasia just wanted to spend a nice afternoon sunbathing in a deserted landscape. But three pairs of eyes watch her

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Sex in Spandex – A Very Bad Kitty Cat

A dark superhero returns form a night of crime fighting, and collapses on the floor; but a sexy female silhouette is watching over him. She’s

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Monsters, Maidens and Myth

Mommy milkers and baby-bearing hips will always have a place in our heart. But what about those small, delicate maiden bodies? What about those modestly-sized

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Elemen-Teri, Watson! An adult urban fantasy mystery

When district operations manager (and proud dog-mom, cat-mom and gecko-mom) Teri started creating a fantasy world many years ago, she had no idea she would

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Breed em’ and Weep! Thief Ezri: Strip Poker by Hibbli3D

They say that everyone has a price, and for the lithe, sexy elven thief Ezri, this is most certainly true. The question is, what’s worth

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Naughty Knights and Goblin Gangbangs

All seasoned RPG players know that the smallest a woman’s armour is, the greater protection it offers. It’s an undeniable fact of science. Knight Elayne

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A Succubus’ Iron Hard Will: Fabiana’s Pitfall by Ashley Sugar

Fabiana, supreme demoness of the underworld, has set her sights on a bigger prize than any of her predecessors. In order to obtain her goals,

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Boobs Ahoy!

The depths of the ocean have inspired many a tale of awe, mystery and fear. Sailors and fishermen would look deep into the watery abyss