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NextGen Candy #91: Metafutas 3 Teaser by Eris3D

“Yes, YES! Now gimme that load, baby doll. Cum, cum, CUM!”Dulcita gets into a heap of smoky trouble in Eris’ upcoming Metafutas 3!

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A Bit of Everything

The Spice of Life Back in the day, if you wanted 3D comics, you had to settle for whatever you could find on some random

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Looming Heat & June Skeet

It’s only June, but phew! Does it seem like it’s getting warmer sooner? It might have something to do with our hotter than hell, brand

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May Brings a Shower of Fresh Futa Cum

As summer edges closer and closer, we ‘edge’ with it: with a whopping, unprecedented 8 new futanari products! You read that right: we’ve added a

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Smoke & Stroke: “Meta Futas” by Eris3D

Not Your Usual Comic There’s something to be said about those who venture away from the ‘usual’. When it comes to 3DX, it’s pretty hard

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Fappy Hour, 3 x 1!

Scarlett is dead set to bring her friend Felicity out for a few drinks, but Felicity isn’t quite sure about it. She’s a bit of

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Eris3D Sneak peek

Cafe: Hey, Eris! Thanks for taking a quick minute to talk with us! You’re relatively new to the 3DX scene, but your work has been

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Every Dick You Can Grow I Can Grow Bigger

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it dickified the pussy. Not a bad thing, of course, especially if we get

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Futa’s First – Two Transformation Tales

Eris3D has been showering us with quality futa content, and now, two more comics join our catalogue! Futa transformation, body modification, dick growth and ahegaos

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Interviewed & Screwed: Futalkshow by Eris3D

Medium Rowr One of the best things about the 3D medium is that it gives creators the ability to be conceptually abstract. This might sound