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Elven Lore & Whores of Yore: Tales of Nia Series by FantasyErotic

Do you like fantasy? Cool. Erotica? That’s why you’re here. How about some erotic fantasy by the aptly named creator FantasyErotic? Is the name just

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Boning Over to the Other Side: Afterlife Assistant by otbjacko

Everyone wonders what happens when we launch off from this mortal coil, and there are endless theories about it. Some believe there’s a heaven or

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Naughtier by the Dozen! Best Bundle deals

You love package deals. You love porn. So we combined both!  Here are some juicy, sexy bundles to get your blood pumping. We have picked

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Ferocious Fangs & Fantastic Tits: Mylin’s Mission 1 & 2

Many things come to mind when you think of fantasy. Stone castles, enchanted swords, elves, goblins, elves with huge titties, goblins fucking thos huge titted

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If a Goblin Cums in the Forest, Does He Still Moan?

A good fantasy setting could be the best way to get our mind off our current troubles and give ourselves some well-deserved space. In this

Elves Elyria Steele Fantasy futanari interviews video games

Interview: Elyria Steele

We had the pleasure to interview 3DX artist and adult-oriented writer Elyria Steele. She told us how she got started in the world of 3DX,

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The geekiest tropes in 3DX porn – part 1

Ah, tropes. Repeating motifs we go back to again and again, because they have proved how much enjoyment they can provide. We all have our