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Every Dick You Can Suck I Can Suck Better

Pat3DX is on fire right now! We’ve just published the second episode of his naughty story Pole Dancers, where Estelle and her girlfriend Sasha practice

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Fuck, Rinse, Repeat

Xayla likes to be prepared for the unexpected: she’s ready for any situation, always! That’s why she carries around her trusty double dildo, you never

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Girl’s Got Serious Game! Jester’s FREE 2019 & 2020 Best Of Compilations

What’s this, February 2021 already?! The year is already bulldozing ahead, and if you’re anything like me, you might have missed some major things that

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Spicy as a Kiss, Sweet as Sugar

In an era when we are becoming more aware of the importance of both diversity and heart in our adult entertainment, artists like Ashley Sugar

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The More, The Sexier! Top 5 NGP Newcomer Artists

At the hi-tech interstellar space station where the NGP’s HQ are located, we like to welcome new artists from all sorts and backgrounds. We fly

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Once Upon a Cum – Best Fantasy Sets of 2020

What makes 3DX so special is that it allows us to see and experience worlds and characters beyond our daily reality. Fantasy settings open up

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Top-Off the Year with NGPs Top 5 Straight Sets!

With the holidays right around the corner, you deserve a break. Pour yourself a nice drink, get cozy, and pull up a classic to read.

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When You Wish Upon a Fuck

Desire is a strange force, that can make amazing things come true! Well, in 3DZen’s new release, Your Wish Is Her Desire (parts I and

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Artist Focus: Xide

Raise your hand if you are a big fan of tiddies. Cool! Now raise your hand if you like tiddies framed by a sexy black

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Woman’s Best Friend: Bio Evil: Project K9 Part 2

What’s a busty cop to do when she wakes up in a mysterious research facility and gets jumped by a mutant dog with a huge