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New Content and Creators on Futa3dx – August Updates!

Can you feel it in the air? The season change is nearly upon as Summer wraps up, but no matter how hot or cold it

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Agent Redgirl Launches a Brave New ‘D’erection for Free Comics

If you’re reading this, you’re clearly a fan of futanari. (Either that or boy howdy did you click a random link!) Assuming that, there’s no

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From Medieval to Metropolis: New Animations by The Grey Dorian

Cock in Common What do futuristic and fantasy realms have in common? Maybe a lot, but the answer we’re looking for is the one that

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Movin’ n’ Groovin’ into 2022: NGP Animation Sale

Here at NGP, we don’t claim to be fortune tellers, but we can foresee a lot of action coming your way… it’s bright… moving fast

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Creamy Confessions: My Best Friend’s Secret Retold by Xalas

Same Story, Different Dong Between super hero movies, video game series and even commercials, (for crying out loud!) it seems like everything is getting a

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Rikolo Interview

Cafe: Hello, Rikolo, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! We’re super excited to be hosting some of your content on

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Few Dates, Many Inches

Some 3DX enjoyers prefer long, juicy image sets of horny blondes with big tits riding every big cock on sight. Others feel more inclined to

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Giving her an Eye-Full Tower: From Paris with Love by Futanarica

STOP in the name of love! There’s a big misconception about 3DX and porn in general, and it’s totally unfair: that we, as a community


Thick Hips & Big Tips: The Outlander by Taboomania

Moving through 21 You know what? It’s been a great year for 3D animations! We’ve had a ton of fun covering rendered movements and lascivious

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First Time Futa Fucker: Futa Obsession 2 by Xalas

Strokes of Genius There are a few firmaments in the realm of animated futa and dickgirl 3DX: pillars of (yeah I made that joke) solidity