Anyone who’s been creating anything for awhile knows one thing: the more you do something, the better you get at doing it!

As we learn and grow as artists, tasks that seemed monumental in the beginning can be traversed with ease, and though it may feel like a slow grind at times, anytime we apply ourselves and buckle down on hard tasks, we’re getting that much closer to our next masterpiece!

If you’re ever looking for a ‘benchmark’ as an artist, you really only need to look at your past works to see how far you’ve come. It can be encouraging, inspiring, and sometimes you can even get a good chuckle as you think ‘Oh yeah, I remember when it took me hours to do that thing I can now do with my eyes closed…’

Given all that, we were prompted to put together another short series of articles focusing on classic 3DX products that we’d love to see remastered! Take a trip down memory lane with us as we reminisce and celebrate the ongoing creative development of these fine artists!

Finally Together by Miki3DX

It’s hard to believe that this release is nearly 3 years old, because it still looks incredible! ‘Finally together’ is a story about a camgirl and a futa falling in love over the internet and coming together after months of being in a long distance relationship. You can imagine how hungry they are for each other, and Miki gets the point across exceptionally in this massive set. Seriously, 93 HD images, 18 animations and a full comic version; it still holds up exceptionally!

Although ‘finally together’ doesn’t look dated in the least, Miki’s style, especially when it comes to animation loops, has improved so much. Their renders have become more fluid and lifelike since the release of this set, and it’s obvious that Miki has been working hard at honing their skills. 

It would be amazing to see what they could do with a remaster of this set; it deserves a fresh round of ogling eyes, but if it never happens, this will still be up there with the best of the classics! 

Futa Dream by Nonsane

This surrealistic set is even older, approaching the 4 year mark! It may not seem like a long time overall, but in the realm of tech and 3D, 4 years can be the difference between an entire generation of graphics cards and software capabilities. That’s all the more reason why this set is so impressive. Nonsane doesn’t waste any time with the story and gets right to the visuals: just a hot, giant cocked futa fucking an equally hot chick in an interdimensional plane! Textures are sharp and stunningly detailed, and the animations fall in seamlessly with the set.

Nonsane is another artist whose quality has improved drastically over the years. Their textures have become sharper and cleaner, their girls softer looking and their futa cocks even more realistic and mouth watering.

If you want to compare apples to apples (or in this case, cocks to cocks) take a look at ‘Futa dream 2’ which came out this year! You’ll be able to tell the differences right away, but in a good way. Futa dream 1 is, conceptually, very cool and offers a non traditional setting. It would be awesome to see how Nonsane would tackle a revamp of this exceptional product!  

Unfinished Business by DeTomasso

Unfinished Business

This is the oldest set on our list, going on 5 years old! Looking at it now, it holds up fantastically, and Laura Cruz looks just as good then as she does now.

In a nutshell, this ambitious comic features everyone’s favorite tomb raiding persona getting into a heap of trouble with the infamous Nox corporation. Futa fucking, facials, and BDSM flipping ensue, and all in all it’s just a wonderful, fun time!

Unfinished Business

As a nearly ‘tomb raider’ exclusive artist, DeTomasso has been in the game for a long, long time, and you can guess just how much they’ve upped their quality in the past four years. If the artist were to revisit this set, I have no doubt that they could bring it way, way over the top in terms of quality. Hopefully someday, we’ll be able to take a look at a remaster of this set and secretly call it ‘finished business’. 😉


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