Extra Helpings

Okay, maybe we get a little too excited about new sets that have just been added to the store, but when we’re talking about creators like Codemonkey3DX, it’s hard not to! We’ve recently covered some tantalizing futa additions by this seasoned purveyor, but lo and behold, like any respectable futanari, we’ve got a little extra!

Demon seed

The only thing that’s lusted after more than sex is power: sought by humans, demons and elves alike. But who would dare to dildo-summon two insatiable succubi? Dark elf sorceress, Syndra, of course, who feels more than confident that she can harvest the necessary materials for her magical rite.

These crimson skinned beauties aren’t just going to give up their seed for free, though: Syndra will have to earn it with her body, giving up her anal and oral glory. She seems to enjoy the process, however, squirting and getting tail fucked all the way, until the purpose of her gangbang is fulfilled. After receiving more than her share of hot, thick demonic girl spunk, Syndra may be able to surpass even the succubi themselves. Codemonkey really knows how to put out twist endings! 

Breaktime at the office

Dark haired corporate beauty, Neelia, is doing her damndest to get her reports done. There’s only one problem: her inappropriate, sexy coworker, Mhairi. The lascivious blonde keeps looking down her glasses and teasing Neelia from across the room. At first, the chic corporate girl tried to ignore the burning between her legs, but once you’ve had a breaktime booty call, it’s pretty ‘hard’ to stop…

If you think stairwell sex is boring, you haven’t seen this set! These crazy corporate lesbians can’t keep their hands off each other’s big tits, but Mhairi has a special fixation for the even bigger cock raging between Neelia’s legs. Codemonkey’s girls are the epitome of stamina, and even after giving her naughty coworker a deep creampie, Neelia still has loads and loads of breaktime jizz to drain!

Neelia is a bit worried that they’re gonna get caught one of these days, and she really can’t afford to lose the job, but once again, Codemonkey comes through with a surprise ending! Who wouldn’t want to peek in on their hot coworkers fucking each other’s brains out?