Exercise is healthy and its results rewarding, but many of us have a hard time getting our asses off our chair and hitting the gym. At NGP we love giving constructive criticism, so we’d like to suggest training centres to hire ex erotic models with big tits and little desire to keep them covered, and make them personal trainers. We believe that it would greatly increase motivation and attendance from gym clients. In order to further illustrate our point, we’d like to present RedRobot3D’s latest contemporary comic, Full Body Workout – Endurance Training. Please, feel free to study it thoroughly.

One Lucky SOAB

Student basketball player Bobby Whitman has no idea he’s the fortunate new target of Mary Celeste Bonavenue, thirsty hottie with huge tits working out at the gym in the tiniest clothes she could find. He checks her out from the second he sees her, but manages to keep his face straight and start with the exercises. But it turns out, Mary has very progressive ideas on how to bring out the best of a man’s potential, so in her head it makes total sense to bring her tits out and climb on top of the young man’s body, until his raging erection makes a tent in his pants.

Get The Blood Pumping

Mary Celeste has seen many a big cock in her career, but she’s more than pleased to realise her student’s rod puts many others to shame. Before he can react, she’s already naked and bent over, giving that huge dick a mature blowjob like he’s never experienced before. In the blink of an eye, she’s riding him, showing him all sorts of exercises with the excuse… sorry, the objective to improve his physical endurance. She’ll put him through a lot, but he doesn’t fall behind, boldly going for anal, getting a bit of oral second serving, and leaving her with a thick creampie and a facial cumshot for her to remember him.

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