Alt Alternative

It’s an interesting world we live in when things that used to be considered ‘outside the norm’ are everyday occurrences that seem perfectly natural to us. Synth pop music, v-tubers, enormously hung dickgirls…you know, the usual stuff!

Still, when it comes to 3DX, there are a few brave souls who continue to pioneer into lesser explored territory: Fab3DX, for example, has done an incredible job offering alts to the alternative genre, so if you’re looking for something a bit different, look no further…

Boy, that’s a pretty girl!

“Alex-the New Student” is the first in what’s sure to be a roller coaster of an interesting series! Alex, a very pretty ‘girl’, makes her way through one hell of a day at her new university. Poor Alex seems to be getting the attention of all the other girls on campus, even the sexually powerful principal! But really, this quiet, small breasted brunette has her sights set on one woman in particular: the glorious, notorious Nikki!

Fab does an amazing job of integrating characters from their other series, and this comic is as fun to read as it is different! From scene to scene, every colorful setting is a joy to behold, and seeing Alex’s reactions to so many hot women fawning over her is surprisingly suspenseful! If you’re in the mood for some light femdom (blowjobs in the library, anyone?) Mature roleplaying and saucy secrets being spilled…among other sticky things, you’ll love this fully texted, girl cock crossdressing epic!