The depths of the ocean have inspired many a tale of awe, mystery and fear. Sailors and fishermen would look deep into the watery abyss and wonder… what hides underneath? What lurks in the shadows? And… can I fuck it?

Well, we might be embellishing this a bit – but just a bit! The alluring danger and seduction of the ocean, its inviting wetness that threatens to drawn us forever in its embrace, has for a long time fascinated today’s spotlighted artist: Gazukull. 

The Pirate Queen and her crew of mischief

The sea, the coast and the pirate life are persistent motifs in Gazukull’s work. And he has managed to condense all their danger and sensuality in his signature original character: Jessenia, the Dread Pirate Queen. 

This mesmerising creature can take many forms, but what always remains is her stunning beauty, her otherworldly orange eyes, and her more than generous boobs. Queen Jessenia, the undoubted star of the universe of Dead Tide, knows what she wants and she gets it no matter what. For those of you who are into femdom, this powerful and exotic queen will hypnotise you and take you away forever.

Some days she’ll take human victims (and here, we use the term loosely, ‘cause you bet those lucky bastards are happy about it) to satisfy herself with, and others, she will call her hell whores and the monsters from the depth to service her and lose themselves in degenerate debauchery.

The Worlds of Gazukull

But let’s talk about the art itself. What makes Gazukull unique? Well, if you ask us, the first thing that stands out is his realised, inviting worlds. The man has clear passion for fantasy settings, though he’s known to dabble in sci-fi here and there as well. Succubi, elves and dark elves, cyborgs, vampires, demons and other creatures populate his universes and make them come to life.

His women are slim and sleek, their bodies often shining with a layer of water, or even posing in immersive water-themed backgrounds. Beaches, cliffs, hidden caves and pirate coves frame these beauties and their massive boobs that laugh at both gravity and modesty in equal measure.

Out for Booty

If you’re one of those guys who believes an image is worth a thousand words, then Gazukull is your man. He specialises in highly detailed pinups and erotic images that not only put these otherworldly beauties in front of your eyes, but also invite you to their world. There’s nothing lazy about his work: his fully realised backgrounds and environments complement the characters and create a cinematic experience.

And yes, we know that the whole booty pun has been used to death with pirate porn, but in this case, it’s more than fitting! (Again, pun intended.) It’s safe to say that this artist is an ass boy, and his work is in no shortage of some sweet anal action and ass display for everyone’s joy. His supernatural characters are able to take so much where the sun doesn’t shine, that the scintillating image of those gaping assholes swallowing meat like it’s nothing will stay with you for a good while.

See the Vision

The longest stories of Gazukull’s flagship character, Jessenia, are now available on NGP! You have all the chapters as well as a convenient bundle for getting all the goodies at a more than convenient price. Now that the holidays are around the corner, it’s time for you to treat yourself with Gazukull’s wonderful women and inviting worlds! 


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