Everyone wonders what happens when we launch off from this mortal coil, and there are endless theories about it. Some believe there’s a heaven or hell, others believe there’s nothing, and a few surmise that there’s a receiving room that contains a hot elf secretary that’s waiting to welcome people into their new afterlife! I’m sure you can guess which one of these options is otbjacko’s take on the matter, and we’ve gotta say, it’s certainly the most interesting of the lot!

What’s a man to do when he wakes up in the afterlife, sees demons, realizes he’s dead and that he still has to fill out paperwork?!

Welcome to “Afterlife Assistant” by otbjacko! 

Thankfully, Sophie, the newest recruit of the afterlife assistant program, is here to make the process as painless as possible! In fact, it’s her job to make the otherwise mundane check in downright pleasurable, and the confused, dead soul goes from disgruntled to delighted when he discovers that his big dick still works in the great beyond!

This fun, quirky set is respectably long at 113 QHD images! It’s clear that Sophie is a little nervous at first, but once she hits her stride, she really earns her keep! Otbjacko does an excellent job with facial expressions, and Sophie looks absolutely gorgeous as she teases, startles and displays her delectable ‘O’ face.

Cowgirl on the floor and missionary on the desk, Sophie spreads her legs and does what elven slut do best! At this rate, she might even earn employee of the month!

I’ve got to mention the superb footjob sequence as well, with special attention to Sophie’s delicate, painted toenails. Between her jewelry, her shimmering green eyes and her creamy, soft looking skin, I really can’t compliment the artist enough for how much detail this sexy, inhuman secretary has! 

Otbjacko generously throws in 9 4K bonus images, all of which depict this adorable blue haired elf at her cutest, most pin-uppable state! All in all, if you’re a fan of supernatural settings that don’t take themselves too seriously, this set would be a most excellent edition to any 3DX collection, in this life or the next!   


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