So Dramatic!

When is a 3D comic like a daytime TV drama? When it’s a multipanel, lust fueled saga filled with intrigue, immorality and unchained desire! Sexy3dcomics goes above and beyond with riveting, character driven stories that are packed with hot sex and insane amounts of content. We’ve got a new ‘re-release’ in the store to prove it, as well as a brand new entry into the series that’s all about married women being very, VERY unfaithful.

Blackmailed: Kirsty’s Story

Believe it or not, this set is actually a mega-compilation of a 4 part series. It’s been recently bundled (for an incredibly low price!) into a 333 render epic! It’s difficult to even start with such a gigantic set, but I will say, it all started with a date gone terribly awry…

Kirsty was supposed to be enjoying a romantic night out with her significant other, but after receiving a frantic text from a friend, she goes to help. What was supposed to be a night of support, turns into an unforeseen sexual encounter that rocks her world forever! Can Kirsty play it off as a one time fling, or will she spiral into a whirlwind of fuckery and addiction?

I think we all know the answer to that…

Over 4 beautifully rendered PDFs, a sensible blonde goes from precious good-girl to voracious cock gobbler! No matter how hard she tries, Kirsten can’t stop thinking about big, juicy dicks pounding her holes. Gangbangs, creampies, anal: she can’t get enough! Her obsession with unprotected sex leads her to feeling a bit guilty, but it seems she’s not the only one fucking around!

If you love interacial encounters, realistic ahegao, cosplay and cuckoldry, it’s all right here in spades in one ‘extra large’ package!

Blackmailed: Layla’s Story part 1

Guess what? Kirsten has a younger sister! Better yet, that sister, Layla, is living the life of luxury in a mansion! She’s got it all: swimming pools, expensive clothes, even a lambo! It’s all perfect, except…

Yeah, the sex sucks!

The old dude who married her expects Layla to get knocked up with an heir, but things haven’t been very…fertile. Of course, Layla has fantasies of banging other men who can actually satisfy her, but she tries to console herself with an expensive toy collection. Her ‘old man’ wants a bun in the oven before the end of the year, but what the hell is she supposed to do when he’s clearly the problem?!

What is a girl to do? Thankfully, Layla’s older sister (who happens to be an expert on the subject of hung sex partners!) has a suggestion: hire a private fertility masseuse! Is this a legitimately helpful suggestion, or is Kirsten just trying to get her sister on that BBC train?

Layla discovers a new fantasy and a whole world of thick possibilities in this fresh set! Cheating never felt so good, and hell, she has to breed anyway: why not get her spunk supply from a well-deserving source?

Of course, just like her older sister, it’s doubtful that one encounter will be enough for Layla…or will it?