Rule34 Rules!

Oh rule34, how we adore you! While turning hot video game characters into even hotter objects of sexual desire may give some people mixed feelings, we’re almost always on board with bringing those fantasy (and sc-fi!) hunnies to new heights of ecstasy. And what better medium can there be than 3D to introduce our heros, heroines and villains to these tantalizing dick-scoveries? Oh, I mean, discoveries…wait, I’m pretty sure we actually do mean dick-scoveries, or at least, Brynhildr does!

Bent, Broken & Busty

Brynhildr presents “Mini Set Collections 2”, a rousing continuation in their miniset series that features big breasts, pretty girls with familiar faces and of course, massive, juicy futanari fucksticks!

Continuing Brynhildr’s focus on lesbian/futa/dickgirl pairings, this set may be labled ‘mini’ but at 54 4K images that are posterworthy quality, there’s nothing small about its contents. For the first time ever, Bryn also delves into the mysterious, much lesser presented femboy on futa (if that sounds fun to you!) and this set particularly features several non-human characters.

Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of very humanoid big ass bounty to go around, as well as cheek stuffing blowjobs, eye rolling ahegao and huge cock induced creampies!

It’s worth noting that the set is also divided neatly into folders that perfectly coincide with the previous entry, so if you’re building your collection, you can click and drag your way to easy digital whoreganization…I mean…ah, you know what we mean!

 Whether you’re looking for some unlikely romance ‘canon’ or just a smokingly erotic female cum ‘cannon’, Bryhildr’s got what you want in spades.