Once again, it’s time for another great edition of NGP’s ‘Artist focus’!

Recently, we’ve had the immense privilege of welcoming Serge3dx into our humble digital abode. As a creator, Serge doesn’t need much of an introduction: they are quite well known throughout the 3DX world, especially within the niche genre of futa on milf, which we’ll get to shortly. Suffice it to say, Serge3dx is a wonderful addition to the NGP fam, which is exactly why we wanted to take a moment to highlight their influence and work in more detail!


Serge’s style features clean lines and natural color contrasts that are pleasant to look at and make their comics a joy to read. The lighting is always fantastic, but never overdone, and nothing ever looks drowned out or saturated.

This is important, because Serge puts the majority of the details exactly where they belong: with the characters! Skin tones and details like freckles, lace and jewelry are very well done and add an exceptional amount of depth to art that is already amazing. Nothing is garish or out of place, allowing the reader to ogle the characters in peace and contentment.

As far as the presentation goes, Serge generally puts forth a good variety of poses and perspectives. Most of their sets include comic style dialogue (some of which is nicely color coded!) and the arrangement is entertaining and fluid, though there are a few surprise POVs thrown in here and there to make for some pleasant mix ups!


Alright, here’s the meat of it all and the real reason we’re all here! Serge sums up their content on their patreon page as follows:

“My work contains mostly: thin FUTA on voluptuous MILF.”

Nuff said, really, but honestly, this artist deserves more elaboration on our part! Most of Serge’s sets feature their confident, peppy 18 year old ginger, Gina, and her deliciously long, throbbing girl cock. Gina is absolutely gorgeous, and her thin frame and small tits only serve to accentuate her asset in a way that borders perfection.

Then enters the MILF: older female (and futa!) characters that are thick, stacked, and horny as hell. Like most milfs, they have an appetite for hot young flesh, though some of them, in the case of mother Mary superior, are the ones who want to do the dicking.

Between nubile teens with and without monstrous cocks and dummy thicc milfs with giant nipples and thunderous thighs, it’s really no wonder why Serge3dx is so popular. For how sought after some of these themes are, this artist really puts them together in a unique way, and strikes a fantastic balance between the incredible and the just barely believable in a modern fantasy setting.

One big thing to note about Serge’s works is that they actually have a progressive, canon storyline between their characters that plays out within the world they’ve built. It’s subtle, but quite well done: an all girls religious school, horny teachers, giant cocked futanari nuns…you can pretty much see where it’s all going. You don’t need to read the comics in order to enjoy them, but there’s definitely an added sense of satisfaction when you do. Thankfully, Serge3dx has created a nifty timeline, so if you want to follow along with Gina’s cum spewing adventures, you can do so with all the context you need!

The themes themselves come up in interesting ways during the plot, and Serge is as dynamic with them as they are generous. It’s not JUST futa on milf, there’s brat taming, domming, lactation, pregnancy, cheating and even some interracial themes!

One last thing here: Serge’s comics are hefty!  The smallest of them clock in at around 50 pages, and some, like “Good Manners” (if you wanna see that big cocked nun we talked about) sit at a whopping 160+ pages! Serge doesn’t skimp on the cumshot scenes, either, so you’re getting some serious content when you go in.

Future projects

We asked the artist if they could tease at any future projects (because we’re nosy like that) and Serge has told us that they’re interested in possibly making a remaster of “Jerk-off time”, presenting it as a long video with voiced conversations. That would be awesome to see and we hope it becomes a reality! 

Serge3dx has an active, thriving Patreon account at the moment, and they release a regular stream of content there! They’ve recently been putting out a few short animations, which look amazing, by the way, and it doesn’t look like they’re putting a stop to the wonderful teen futa on milf madness anytime soon!

Again, we’re stoked to be working with them, and we’re excited to see what kind of trouble Gina gets into next!


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