3DX offers a range of possibilities and exotic scenarios that few other erotic media can match. It allows the artist to go way beyond the everyday situations and creatures, and invite us into a world of endless, dirty fantasies only limited by our imagination.

Enter RedRobot3D, a lovely fellow who has been around the 3DX scene for a while, gracing us with a wide library of futa art as well as other sexy pairings and trios. On top of their amazing skills for rendering realistic models and detailed backgrounds, they have what it takes to please medieval fantasy lovers, gamers, comic book readers and more.

That’s right. RedRobot3D’s lustful, powerful and busty women (great for those double-D cup lovers out there) engage in all sorts of erotic adventures in his 80+ page long comic books, featuring dozens of steamy hot panels balancing story and action masterfully. From a mighty Wonder Woman falling under the mind control of a horny Supergirl, to their sexy pirate OCs giving the crew some business, to a strikingly hot policewoman breaking into a couple’s house just to spice up their livestream to a whole new level!

RedRobot3D’s women are rendered in great detail and beautifully proportioned, and have no fear to face the world and accomplish their goals using all the sex power they can exude!

Their latest project, The Bitcher – Wild Cunt, features a busty and mysterious monster hunter lady bound to rescue a strikingly beautiful young woman, who’s been cursed to being a futa as well as a werewolf! We will not spoil the story, but let’s say that monster sex lovers will have a lovely evening reading this comic.

The Bitcher is a promising entry in RedRobot3D’s library, and there are more chapters planned at this point for us all to revel in their succulent art; however, sadly, the artist has had trouble distributing the comic online due to payment processors being party poopers. Let’s all of us support this great artist and their fresh new comic by buying The Bitcher online!


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