What do we want out of our porn?

Think about it for a moment: It’s not always an easy question to answer. Most times, we can more easily pinpoint what we don’t want, and that’s usually the same ol’ same. Sooner or later, we always end up craving something more out of all of our media, which is exactly why 3D is growing so popular.

Escape from reality

3D porn is going mainstream for a reason! It offers limitless potential for unique scenarios and pairings. It unfetters the usual constraints of live action erotica, but with this relatively new found freedom comes a fresh challenge: how can we take it to the next level? Of course, go-to themes and tropes will always be there for us: sexy pinups, solo sessions and sweet pairings. 

Those are all good and important, but how does an artist move beyond the traditional to create something truly special? The answer may not be simple enough to sum up into one word, but a few things are certain: next level porn requires next level thinking. There are many fantastic 3D creators today, but one in particular comes to mind when talking about the ‘next level’ approach: Nonsane.

Variety is the spice

Nonsane has sculpted the medium and shown the community just how interesting 3D can be. Exotic aliens, curvaceous cyborgs, and of course, full figured futanari: these are just a few themes they’ve used to break out of the norm and venture into the spectacular. More than that, Nonsane has taken the time to create wonderfully original story lines, complete with satisfying arcs and scintillating sex positions.

Nonsane’s “The Run” series, is particularly good at showcasing this. The series follows a saucy redhead, Carrie, who has recently acquired an impressive new edition between her legs. Over the course of what is currently at 4 chapters (hundreds of high quality images between all four sets) Carrie gets into all kinds of shenanigans with friends and strangers alike. Even in a modern setting, the series offers a unique storyline that ends up being anything but vanilla.

With a marriage of beautiful, eye catching imagery and thought provoking themes, Nonsane has succeeded in creating what can only be called art. The detailed scenes, while exciting enough on their own, are accented by an underlying narrative. The result is a polished, high quality product that easily stacks up against a great film or a well written novel.

Porn isn’t always ‘just porn’

So, when is porn not just porn? When It becomes more than sex, more than simply an image on a page. When a creator goes out of their way to craft a next level product, it becomes a passion that can be clearly seen by its quality: it becomes nothing less than art.

If good 3D porn is art, Nonsane has given us an excellent example of what that looks like. If you haven’t had the pleasure of sampling their awesome work, be certain to check it out!


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