The 3D Porn CUMmunity

Miki3dx is not only a skilled 3D Artist who makes fantastic artwork, but Miki’s also giving the erotic 3D community something that’s arguably more important. Now, you might wonder, what’s more important than good fappable content? The answer, my friend, is ‘assets’, and no, we’re not talking about big titties and huge penises.

ASSets and more

This artist is creating beautiful assets for other artists to work with. Assets like these are essential ‘building blocks’ to create great 3D porn.

For example, his ‘collar’ (choker) asset. A simple yet elegant item, which, when applied properly, can transform a character into something wildly seductive. Technically, these assets integrate perfectly into Daz3D and can give creators a plethora of customisation options, like additional ‘texts’, ‘pendants’ and different material options. 

Dildos, of course, are another essential part of any 3D porn scene. Don’t want to be bothered (as an artist) to create your own? Don’t worry, Miki has you covered! They offer multiple dildo options, from a special ‘scraper’ dildo to a ‘strapless’ dildo with an additional expansion pack. These dildos are used by several other great 3D artists, like Redrobot3D. Naturally,you can see them in full effect in Miki’s own image sets and visual novels.

The Experiment

To wrap up this ‘Artist Focus’ we definitely need to highlight the incredible original stories Miki3dx creates. At NGP we’re huge fans of artists who explore the possibilities of ‘world building’ and Miki3dx creates a super interesting universe with his visual novels.

The 3 piece ‘The Experiment’ is perfect for those of you with a nurse/medical fetish. It tells the story of Nicole, Dr. Valery and her assistant Dr. Megan. Valery is undergoing an interesting medical treatment which I won’t describe here in full detail, but you should visit to get the full story on this and to check out all their other fascinating, ongoing and completed projects.

Thank you, Miki3dx, for being an invaluable part of the 3D porn community and for giving back in so many ways!


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