It’s been a hot minute since our last artist focus! Set thrusters to max and prepare for a trip out of the atmosphere with James McKenzie!  

New beginnings

Before anything, I feel it’s important to note that James has been working behind the scenes in the 3DX community for some time, but has only recently broken out into rendering on his own. The result? The GEMS series, as well as a few other unique sets that are sure to make him a firmament in 3DX! James came in having a very good idea of what makes a good set, and it shows in leaps and bounds throughout their work. Let’s take a look!


When it comes to sci-fi and futuristic themes, style is at the forefront. McKenzie’s presentation positively exudes it in every way, while still managing to keep the settings believable in context. Every scene is bountifully detailed and well colored, yet the lighting is usually on the softer side, giving way to a consistent noir-grit, undertone glam. Modern splashes of bright blossomed colors around punk and war themes are reminiscent of graphic novels, making James’ work feel more like a movie than a 3DX set. 


 So far, all of McKenzie’s work has been superb, but the real gem is, well, GEMS, at least when it comes to content. There is no skimping on story and setting, and between good writing and the even better presentation, the reader is given everything they need to enjoy a fully realized work.

It’s not often that 3DX sets can be considered ‘engrossing’ but GEMS raises the bar (not a futa joke) and gives a reason for the characters to act and react to each other in a natural, well flowing way.

James also features an ethnically diverse cast in GEMS, which I’m personally a huge fan of. Women from all walks of life should be able to enjoy a lover or two!


Luscious lesbians and fit futa: nuff’ said. But… I’m gonna say more. James gives a reason for futa to exist in GEMS, tying those big, juicy girl dicks to the story itself, making for an extra scintillating romp. Within and outside of GEMS, it seems like James is a big fan of ‘blade runner’ and ‘fifth element’ style jams, which is just fine with us. Who doesn’t want to watch a sexy future gal getting topped by an energy strapon?

Future projects

We’re not exactly sure what McKenzie has in store for us, but it doesn’t look like he’s throwing in the towel any time soon. I’m looking forward to seeing more entries into the GEMS series, if I didn’t make that painfully obvious, but I’ll take whatever he’s willing to present next!

It’s always important to support creators, but that goes double when they’re just getting off the ground. James’ production value is top notch, and from a storytelling perspective, it really doesn’t get better than GEMS, so do yourself a favor and check out their patreon.