Ready for something completely relevant? It’s another artist focus, this time starring Irrelevant3D!

We’re excited to welcome this fan-futa-tastic creator to NGP, and I have personally studied hundreds of their renders to give you a breakdown of the kind of quality you can expect from them.

Let’s get to it! 


Perhaps one of the most noticeable things about irrelevant’s style is how well balanced it is. Most creators naturally lean towards moody or bright, satin or shiny. There’s a bit of both here, and it’s gorgeous.

You won’t find anything that could be called “glam”, but you won’t find any “dungeon goth” either. This makes renders very easy to look at, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to binge eye candy, this one’s for you!

Otherwise, palettes are warm and realistic. Attention to detail is high, especially with musculature and facial features, and Irrelevant really knows what they’re doing when it comes to lightning.

Content & Themes

These two categories go hand in hand this time around, or ‘hand around cock’ given the nature of Irrelevant’s work.

Dickgirls is the name of the game here, and this creator has a ton of them. Stylistically, the cocks these gals are rocking are thicker than they are long, and they compliment the models well, adding a certain ‘rigidity’ to what is otherwise a pure, soft curve-fest. 

Aside from seemingly being a dedicated D-girl creator (no full package futas to be found, as far as I can see), there’s another defining feature here that’s as prevalent as those monstrous members: R34. 

Irrelevant focuses mostly on game girls, but you’re sure to see a few ‘animated’ faces thrown into the mix. 

Though the models are familiar, this creator does an exceptional job utilizing their potential. Creative poses, pin-up style renders and seriously scintillating POV angles can all be found in glorious excess!

In fact, the poses are probably one of the most defining things about this creator: it isn’t difficult to find an ocean of R34 content (3D or otherwise) but you’ll seldom see these characters paired so perfectly with a pose and setting.

There’s a decent amount of sex between some renders, with heavy lesbian themes, but Irrelevant seems to focus mostly on the smokey and sultry, capitalizing on the detailed models and well rendered settings.

All in all, the balance that Irrelevant has hit so well makes for an easy recommendation. 

The “Overwatch Bundle” is a fantastic example of what they have to offer, but if you really love what you see, why not check out their Patreon?

Ah, don’t forget about Twitter, either: Spread the Dickgirl love and help us welcome this awesome creator!