My oh my, it’s time for another Artist Focus “greenlight”! There are so many great new artists coming out of the woodwork to join NGP this year, and we’re looking to highlight as many of them as we can!

Speaking of “woodwork” today’s star creator is futa specific specialist LZX! This renderer is doing a ton with the genre (and I do mean that quite literally) so let’s unzip, er, I mean, unpack everything they’ve got to offer!  


Okay, LZX’ style is harder to describe than one might think. The models aren’t quite ‘hyper’, but the first thing you’ll notice is that these gals have enough badonk to knock any ball out of the park. Their chests are on par with their ample derrieres, but somehow, LZX manages to make these models ALMOST within the realm of possibility…but just barely!

This is a difficult balance to find in 3DX, especially with futa characters. Even if you’re not generally a hyper or ‘overblown’ fan, this might just tickle your fancy if you’re a futa enthusiast. 

Besides that, LZXs rendering style can only fall into the ‘glam’ category, which fits the vivid colors and modern settings very well. Skin tones have a bit of shine to them, and everything is clean and sharply contrasted. 

Content & Themes

Alright, it’s time to address the elephant in the room…and by elephant, I mean, of course, the giant futanari cocks these models are wielding! LZX does seem to have a few female characters (and offers some alts on their Patreon!) but for the most part, they are a self acclaimed futa creator.

If anything is hyper about these girls, it’s really the meat they’re packin’, but given how outrageously and unashamedly curvaceous they are, their cocks don’t look as massive as some other creators make them.

Don’t get me wrong: LZX makes these girls humongous, but they’ve got the thiccness to hold up their phallic wonders, which a more petite model wouldn’t have. In other words: the dicks look like they belong there!

Aside from the futa on futa and lesbian smorgasborg (with some ‘family’ themes thrown in), there are three specific things I want to point out.

LZX is making full package futas! There are a TON of dickgirl creators out there, but only a handful are putting pussies on their girls, along with the D, so if that’s the kind of content you like, LZX has got your number.

LZX is giving these girls BAWLS. Why caps? Because these balls are tremendous! When I say full package, I mean serious packages. Dickgirl creators often omit balls, but if you like your gals with nuts, LZX is one of the ‘nuttiest’ creators I know.

Cum is great! LZX has great texture and color with their girljizz, which is sometimes hard to find. There are lots of cum sequences in “Summer Breeze”, with some great POV shots.

All in all, I’m excited to see what LZX comes out with next. They’re dabbling with animations on their Patreon, so definitely check them out, as things look exceptionally promising for this semi-niche creator. Why not give em’ a follow on twitter while you’re at it? Why not futafy your feed, hm?