Who else thinks it’s been too long since we’ve had an artist focus?! Let’s gooooooo!

Green Means Go!

We’re all about the future of 3DX here at NGP, which is why we always want to give back to the exceptional creators that trust us to host their content. We’ve featured several firmaments of the industry in past Artist Focus pieces, but we’re looking to launch this affectionately titled spin-off series: “Greenlight”, starting now! Greenlight focuses on 3DX creators who are up and coming, new-ish to the industry, and/or may not be as well known as some of the more established artists.

So start your engines and push the pedal to the medal, cause we’re kicking off with the futa-tastic Eden3dx!


Creamy would be a good word to define the look of Eden’s renders. Satin skin tones, almost “glowing” at times: many artists have adopted this kind of “blender-esque” style, which suits softness very well. Eden’s color palettes are fairly mild, making their renders pleasant to look at. No garish, clashing colors, here! Scenes are nice and bright, too, with saturation a bit on the light side. This actually does a lot for the character’s eyes and expressions, as well as placing a very nice halo around those curves!


As usual, the meat of this piece lies here, and by meat, I mean, juicy, long, girl cocks! Thus far, Eden seems to be a completely dickgirl focused creator, which is historically a “take it or leave it” for most.

To emphasize, Eden’s girls are either female or ‘dickgirl’. I have yet to see any full package futas, but that may change in the future. Some of these girls are hung as hell, but Eden doesn’t venture into ‘hyper’ territory. 

Regardless, the models are cute and curvaceous. Eden definitely opts more towards the ‘thickness’ side of the scale, though there are a few petities here and there. Almost every girl is ‘hourglass’ shaped, which definitely puts an extra vavoom in those big cocks!

Models are quite expressive, and poses are solid. There’s a bit of ahegao, for those of you who enjoy some tongue-sticking out action! Cum textures are great, I have to say, and I’m a particular fan of multiple cumshots in sets, which Eden delivers very nicely… and copiously! 

Otherwise, there’s some hardcore content not seen too, too often in 3DX, including fisting and watersports. Anal fisting particularly seems to be a recurring theme, so if you’re into that, Eden is sure to be one of your favorites.


It’s all fun, games and bondange! So far, Eden focuses on wacky tropes and R34 content, and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! You won’t find any serious, heavy storylines or complex plots, which is just as well if you’re in the mood for a carefree romp. We’re talking demons, cum obsessed dickgirls and the ever popular “I woke up and I have a dick!” kind of stuff.

Eden seems to swing towards more modern settings, even within fantasy themes, which I always enjoy. Normalize fantasy creatures in modern settings!

Future Projects

With a steady stream of recent content, it doesn’t seem like Eden is slowing down this year. They’re posting some great stuff on twitter, (there’s a Step-sister set that looks great!) and they’ve recently launched a Patreon! They’ve already got a ton of content on offer for a very affordable sub, there, including full sets, so if you’re looking to support a fantastic ‘up and cummer’ Eden’s a great choice!