Too much cum?

Is there such a thing as too much cum? Probably not if you ask futa artist Futanarica. This artist solely produces 3d porn involving futa ladies. His style is a blend between realism and a comic-book look and feel. Which works perfectly for the extravagant scenarios depicted in his image sets.

Too many ladies?

Where does all this cum come from!? Futanarica usually depicts more than just 2 girls (and/or futa ladies), up to an, orgy styled, entire room filled with these lustful characters. 

Probably best seen in his 2019 holidays set aptly titled ‘Xmas Rampage’ has 11 girls locked in a holiday home. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to what this leads to…or just go and support the artist and buy his artwork to find out! Most of the times quantity means a loss of quality but Futanarica literally goes all the way for quality and renders some of his artwork at a whopping 4K resolution!

The way fluids (cum!) are represented in these animations and renders are totally over the top but so hot, massive floods of white juices pouring out of every orifice possible.

Another thing that stands out in Futanarica’s artwork is the use of colours. Everything is so vibrant and always has some sort of gaudy but tasteful vibe to it. Not a bad thing if you want to brighten up a cold winter’s night 😉

Too much content!?

One of our favourite releases of Futanarica is the 3-part yoga class set. What is hotter than a steamy room with a bunch (5+!) these ladies in tight outfits. It gets even wilder though, with some special POV animations, the closest you get to some VR stuff without glasses or a headset.

With every Futanarica purchase you usually get an animated video PLUS an entire image set for a very affordable price, so that’s a big bonus and for sure worth your money.


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