Here’s another artist focus for all those futanari and girls only enthusiasts: the fabulous Fab3dx!

What’s the very first thing you see when you look at Fab3DXs art? I’ll pretend I can hear your answer and move on! The first thing I see (other than a sexy, well rendered babe) is pristinely clean lines and an immensely meticulous eye for detail.

Fab’s style reminds me of something that sits between noir and futuristic glam. Their characters are impeccably fashionable and classy as all get out. From the hairstyles to the pouting lips, even their SFW renders offer a very pleasing amount of eye candy. If you flip through their catalogue, you’ll immediately see how varied and unique their work is; definitely not something that looks like a copycat of other artist’s works. 

I mean, look at this!

The way Fab uses color contrast and reflections is so subtle, yet it really makes the colors pop. Fab’s work is an excellent example of how important lighting is in 3D, and, in my opinion, they find the perfect balance between bold and washed visuals.

(Special shout out to 3D artist Antropox for the BDSM device used in this render. Antropox makes their own renders and sells assets; keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming article about them!)

Fab3DX has only been around for a few years, but has a wonderful and consistent variety of renders. They’ve also released two impressive full length image sets.

In ‘Nova’s experiment part 1’, navigation officer Nova lacks for a little company in the deep abyss of space. Thankfully, a genetically modified dickgirl (get a load of the green lipstick!) has been provided to stave her cabin fever! You can guess what happens next…

Nikki is settling down to heat up a camshow in ‘Nikki’s bedtime stream’. If you like spicy 3D chicks stuffing themselves with toys and putting on a show, this set is definitely for you!

For how relatively new to the scene Fab3DX is, they’ve made incredible contributions to the community. If you’re looking for more artists to keep your eyes on, make sure Fab is on your list!


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