We’ve been pretty damn busy these last few weeks, but it’s high time we did another artist focus! Speaking of altitude, I’d like to elevate this particular piece up towards the heavens and talk about none other than CrazySky3D!

CrazySky has only been around for a few short years, as far as their own branding is concerned, but they’ve already got an impressive amount of sets and renders in their repertoire. Aside from producing their own comics, CrazySky also makes 3D assets and props, which naturally means that they have quite an affinity for the craft.    


It’s a bit difficult to place CrazySky’s work in any particular box. That’s not a bad thing, in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

CS’ style fluctuates between realism, glam and modern fantasy, though it seldom if ever pushes completely outside the realm of believability. Their models are relatively realistic in their proportions (except for perhaps the huge dickgirl dongs!) and nothing seems overdone or inflated.

CrazySky’s attention to facial and skin detail is incredible and subtle. It’s very easy to miss just how much work they put into their renders if you’re simply scrolling through, but it’s worth taking a closer look. Skin textures, jewelry, freckles, lace: there’s so many tiny things to appreciate that you’ll definitely need to come back for a second look.

I’m always impressed by the shading, as well, and the way CS works with colors. Bright clothing contrasts against deeper toned backgrounds, making every set look and feel like a chic, high quality production.


One of the first things you’ll notice about CrazySky’s work is that they have a thing for big ol’ girl cocks! We here at NGP have no aversion to such things, but CrazySky goes above and beyond (some more sky jokes for you, there) and makes his dickgirls really special.

For one, CS isn’t afraid to give his dainty, feminine models juicy, veiny dicks. Jesse, one of CS’ signature dickgirls, has a cock that’s so realistic looking from certain angles that it’s easy to forget that women with 40 centimeter schlongs don’t exist!

Beyond dickgirls, CS does one hell of a job rendering women. Delphi, CS’ definitive flagship girl, looks amazing with and without clothes, and every character looks like they’re having a tremendous amount of fun in each of CS’ sets. Except, perhaps, for Eric, a singular (though very well rendered) male in the “Friendly Competition” set who can’t seem to measure up to the dickgirls.

On that note: CrazySky’s themes are fun and generally lighthearted. Solo sessions, dickgirl on dickgirl (which is rarer than you might think!) and group sex are all presented in a positive way, though the theme of competition is heavily recurrent throughout sets. Look, if the girls with gigantic cocks wanna compete, I say let em’! Many of CS’ sets also come complete with well written stories and dialogue, which is always a plus!

Aside from that, CrazySky has some UH-mazing pinups; honestly some of the best I’ve ever seen. For a really good example of this, we need look no further than CS’ patreon exclusive set, “Kate & Veronica.” Here, we have two outrageously sexy women, one of which has a larger than life cock between her legs, but what’s really stunning about these renders is the incredible amount of mood setting detail. These two are quite obviously raring to get at each other, between their deep, sensual gazes and their hungry smiles. It can be difficult to translate such expressions into 3D, but CrazySky pulls it off with flying colors. That, paired with every other detail I mentioned above, takes sets like this over the top.

Oh, one last thing: CS does ahegao! It’s really good, for those of you who are into that, and it’s especially pace changing given the sultry and realistic facial expressions the models usually have.    

Future Products

If you’re a fan, you probably already know this, but CrazySky is actively working on “Staying the Night” part 2! If dickgirl/dickgirl/girl action is your jam, I believe you can catch a preview of this upcoming set on their patreon and follow it as it’s being made.

Aside from that, CrazySky is currently working on some awesome cyberpunk assets, one of which we have the privilege of showing you here!

CrazySky may be working on a new cyberpunk themed set, but we don’t make promises for others. You’re just gonna have to follow them for new content (and why wouldn’t you?) and see what happens next! Regardless, we are stoked to be working with such a talented creator, and we’ll keep you updated as this fantastic artist continues to sail through the clouds!


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