Here at NGP, we consider ourselves a friend and neighbor to all. That’s exactly why we’re always willing to answer the door at any given moment to lend you some Sugar! In fact, that’s why we’re presenting this freshly baked artist focus, featuring the sultry, melt in your mouth tones of Ashley Sugar! If you haven’t discovered this high-quality creator, then kick back and get ready to sink your sweet-tooth into some eye-candy confections.

Style & Themes

First out of the oven, let me say, Ashley’s style is as well developed as it is sophisticated and balanced. You would be hard pressed to find more detailed renders: skin textures, outfits and hairstyles are all very much ‘on fleek’. Further, the shading is always gorgeous, and while many creators lean towards dark or light consistently, Ashley keeps it extremely well equalized to the mood of the piece.

Colors are bold, deep and often saturated, making every detail that much easier to see. It’s clear that this creator puts a lot of thought into outfits specifically and what’s going to work well for a character and set. Every image is clear and easy to perceive at first glance!

Thematically, many of Sugar’s pieces have a ‘grandiose’ presentation, often with an underlying seriousness and tone, but it never goes too far into the realm of what most would consider ‘dark’. Settings range anywhere from modern to fantasy, seamlessly, in many cases, and the reason for that becomes evident when we take a look at the content!  


Ah, yes, the meat and potatoes of any good artist focus! In this case, talking about Ashley’s work, there’s plenty of ‘meat’ to go around…assuming you don’t mind having your dicks attached to outrageously attractive debutantes! Futanari, female and lesbian pairings are the hallmark of these impressive works.

Besides that, if you’re a rule34 fan, Ashley has got your number saved on speed dial! You’ll find tons of video game characters, with and without accompanying girl meat, and there are often non-futa alts, which make these pieces even more crowd friendly.

Sugar’s range and variety of characters is noteworthy, not even as a side note, but as an entire topic! Unless you’re viewing an R34 character that’s canonical, you’ll see a range of ethnicity and beautiful skin tones to match, something I always appreciate immensely.

Ashley isn’t afraid to draw strong women, either, though all of their models are delectably feminine. I have yet to see a single Sugar girl I didn’t like, and I highly doubt I ever will!

Because of all attention to detail, cumshots and angles are glorious, and dare I say, even poetic. Many could argue on the details of what makes erotica ‘erotic’ but I am of the opinion that this creator hits all the right spots, and none of their works are purely raunchy; they’ve all got that certain something that makes you say ‘wow’.

If you fancy what you see and are hungry for more sweetness, check out Ashley’s patreon page, as well as our salacious selection on the NGP store!    


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