Religion has changed over the centuries. It used to be about reading the holy books, praying and giving money to the poor. Now it’s about swallowing gallons of dickgirl cum and getting your ass and pussy stuffed with a massive futa cock. Times are certainly evolving!

Now it’s your time to let the holy words of 3DZen speak to your soul. Through this 70-panel comic, Bad Religion, you’ll be converted into a true believer. Ready to start your spiritual journey?

The Naughty Nun

Taya is an innocent, small-framed girl who is in dire need of some spiritual cleansing. Or at least that’s what Sister Regina says, as her futa cock tickles under her habit. The nun welcomes Taya for an initiation ritual at her less-than-traditional dwelling, a fancy mansion where the new acolyte will be introduced to her new faith, or rather, her new faith will be introduced in her. Sister Regina whips out her instrument of preaching, and shoves it down Taya’s throat, force-feeding her an eucharist of cum that will awaken the lust dormant in Taya’s soul. Now that the acolyte is sex-crazed and ready for further enlightenment, Sister Regina commands her to dress up in a more proper attire for the occasion, then proceeds to take possession of her holes.

From Whitsunday to White Cum Day

Taya’s spiritual experience will be completed with her taking Sister Regina’s massive dick up her wet pussy, receiving a holy creampie that will rain all over the place like Pentecost, and by the end, she’ll be forced into a trying final initiation, taking that huge schlong up her ass. Will the tiny body of this naïve girl be able to receive the entirety of the Sister’s meat rod? Will she manage to turn tribulations into ecstasy and rejoice the pounding of her sinful ass? Find out today in 3DZen’s latest release, Bad Religion!


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