There’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than to jump into a pool. Lakes are nice, too, hell, even the ocean works, depending on where you’re at, and we all seem to love hanging out by the water and enjoying a bit R&R.

Of course, many of us (myself included) have an ulterior reason for wanting to hang out by the pool: people are more inclined to wear less clothing! For all you bikini loving oglers out there, here’s a wonderful selection of comics featuring babes getting boned by the water! 

Captain Maia Collection by Redrobot3D

Grab yer grog and polish yer flintlock as ye’ prepare fer booty grabbin’ on the high seas! Captain Maia is the fiercest, bustiest, most courageous redheaded pirate to ever sail! In this three part collection, you can bear witness to all sorts of her wild pirate antics, but be sure to bring a lifejacket, cause it’s gonna get messy.

In the first three chapters, our gorgeous Captain gets her holes filled so often, you’ll barely have time to say ‘aye aye’ between scenes. Getting fucked by goblins with hypnotic cum, banged by a mysterious genie (who makes orders instead of taking them) and rendezvousing with a thick dicked futa are all in a day’s work!

This collection adds up to 190 pages total and includes professionally written dialogue. Shiver me timbers, that’s a lot of content for the price! Squirting, creampies, DP scenes: Redrobot’s got it all, and in enough quantities to keep you sailing high and fast until you reach your destination!

 Pool Horror by FantasyErotic

‘Sexy Sally sits sensually, showing skin and soaking sun.’ Is it a tongue twister, or is it the perfect intro to FantasyErotic’s pool horror parody? Gorgeous, busty Sally just has to sunbathe topless, or else, how is she gonna get rid of those pesky tanlines?

Everyone knows the trope of every horror movie, though: when chicks show their tits, that’s when the monster comes out! Sally, of course, isn’t expecting to be assaulted by an aquatic, big dicked monster(they never are) but thankfully for her, the only thing this humanoid horror is interested in smashing is that sweet, well tanned ass!

67 images of Pool, pussy, and monster sex! After Sally gets her pounded in every hole and covered in jizz, she might think twice before tanning naked beside a pool. Either that, or she might start doing it on purpose…

Poolside Fun by Crazysky3D

For those of us who enjoy something a bit more traditional (not getting screwed by monsters) I would like to offer a refreshing futa selection.

Crazysky’s Delphi is always a popular menu item, and when her gorgeous futanari girlfriend, Jessy, shows up to meet her at the private pool, Delphi can barely get a word in before the futa jumps her. Overcome by her girlfriend’s outrageous bikini bod, Jessy blows a girly load down Delphi’s throat, but she’s still hard, so she goes for that tasty summer snatch.

One creampie later, Jessy’s dick still hasn’t gone down, so she goes back for another round. She’s so horny that she doesn’t even realize she’s sticking it to Delphi’s ass, but the shapely woman has no objections. Funny enough, even after Jessy cums a third time, giving her GF a thorough anal creampie, Delphi still has to point out that she stuck it in the wrong hole…

82 high def images with dialogue and 25 bonus images! Beautiful women fucking each other by the pool, futa’s dropping thick loads of cum, tits in the sun…what more could you want from a sweltering summer day?


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