Cafe: Hello again Red! I do sincerely appreciate you taking the time to talk with us; you’ve been putting out animations like there’s no tomorrow! We want to ask about your work shortly, but first, a question I’ve been asking a lot of creators because the answers are so interesting: what has been inspiring you recently?

Agentredgirl: I am always inspired, oddly enough, by big studio animations. I recently watched the most recent Scooby Doo 3D movie and I love the colors, shading, and feeling of the cartoon and I want to incorporate a lot of that into my upcoming series.

The hair in particular is something I want to emulate a lot, but the overall simplicity and charm of the characters’ textures is another big thing for me.

Cafe: Yeah, I remember from our first interview that big studios were a huge inspiration  for you: that’s awesome! Your production quality is going up with every animation, so that inspiration is definitely tangible. Second question here, the big one! What have you been working on most recently and what kind of titillating awesomeness can your fans expect in the near future?

Agentredgirl: OH gosh… I have been working on a lot. Maybe too much at once, even. So, obviously we are working on our current projects, right now Kitten Tamer, but I am also getting everything prepared for the next animation, Doe Love. Meanwhile, I am trying to get the characters, sets, and voice actors ready for a new series I will be starting later this year as well as a special “side project” coming later this year. Both of those projects have unique characters and sets and it has been really time consuming and difficult getting everything nailed down. 

On top of that, I am trying to find a third animator to hire, which is incredibly hard due to the expectations that I have coupled with the type of content we produce. I am also working on a comic series and looking into expanding the universe we are creating with more comics, but I need to find artists for that, as I am stretched too thin to do anymore!

Here is a very early rough draft of one of the main characters from an upcoming project (tentatively called “Song”)

And here is a WIP of the main character from an upcoming series (called Sex Sona)

Cafe: Oh wow, that’s so exciting! That’s a metric futa-ton of projects, geebuz!

Okay, I gotta reel myself back in or else I’ll go on and on. Last question! I remember some time back that you mentioned making professional scale, full length movies as your long term dream. Has that dream changed at all?

Agentredgirl: Well, to be honest, yes I think it has a little. While I still want to make a full length feature film at some point, I feel this work is better suited for a “series/episode” format. Making a full length 2 hour movie would probably take a couple years and I feel that many/most of our supporters would drop off, causing us to be unable to afford the project. So, I guess, YES, I would love to make a feature length film, however, I feel I can accomplish essentially the same thing with shorter episodes and go with a series format.

I think right now, my primary goals right now are

1) Getting 1 episode released each month

2) Improving fluids (wet maps, motion blurs, etc)

3) Getting all the assets ready for Sex Sona and Song

Cafe: I’m not gonna lie, I’m stoked as hell for the wet maps!

As expected, you’ve got an incredible array of wicked awesome stuff going on. Thank you so much for your time, once again, and we look forward to seeing this sweet content come to fruition!

Agentredgirl: Thank you, I am excited too, and I can’t wait to share more.

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