Amber is in the throes of her sexual prime, but her husband is always at work! What’s a woman to do but fantasize about an experienced silver fox ravishing her desperate curves? Will she ever find release? Will she ever find satisfaction?!

You know she will 😉 one way or another!

When Amber’s husband offers to let his old time friend and mentor stay over for a business trip, the bored housewife is swept into a trap that she’s more than happy to fall into willingly, and the fox, well, let’s just say he’s very hungry for some fresh young meat…

“Amber’s Secret Lover” is a top notch tale of wanton, debaucherous cuckoldry masterfully spun up into a sensual rollercoaster that will leave you breathless! Okay, maybe not breathless, (keep your air!) but this busty housewife will definitely be out of breath as she experiences one of the most incredible sexual journeys of her life!

We’re so excited to present this fantastic set from the up and coming creator Sneaky Bastard, and boy did they go BIG on this one! 150 4K pages of deep hole stuffing (pussy and anal!) hot creampies and facials, and of course, brazen cucking right in front of the so called ‘man’ of the house. The set includes plenty of steamy dialogue, for those who just love a good story, and a textless version, for those who’re just here for the visual action! Who knows…this might be the beginning of a wonderful new relationship for Amber. Afterall, once you get a taste of experience, it’s hard to go back… 


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  • Steamy, Sexy and Sneaky -, 3D Porn News and Shop!, July 14, 2021 @ 3:10 pm

    […] The Sneaky Bastard has become a staple of NGP, with now six, steamy erotic products and many more to come. (Pun absolutely intended.) His image sets and comics depicting women who know exactly what they want, and all the men they can handle, are a delight for straight porn enthusiasts. If you already know his work, you’ll see this product’s guaranteed to deliver quality, and if you don’t, then what are you doing? This is your perfect opportunity to see for yourself the scintillating worlds and characters he has created for the delight of us all. Give it a try today! […]

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