That is one big bundle

It’s hard to deny: we like big things here at NGP. This is usually where I’d make some penis jokes and some clever innuendos, but hey, I don’t need to do that. Why? Because Serge3dx is serving up plenty of ‘sizable’ content with this new bundle, and Mrs. Rose can’t say enough good things about Gina’s huge dong! Of course, that may be because she can’t talk with a cock in her mouth…

Incidentally, this series actually has some chronology, which is why it’s ended up in some of our Serge favorites!

Jerk off time

Do you remember how horny you were when you were 18? How bad do you think it would have been if you were a sexy futa with a huge erection constantly raging between your legs?

Well, that’s exactly what happens to futa teen Gina when she’s forced to be alone with her busty, hot teacher, Mrs. Rose. Gina’s had a crush on her teacher for a while, but when the truth comes out (and her dick) Mrs. Rose turns out to be more than willing to return the girl’s feelings with her big tits!

42 pages of teen futa on milf action! Who doesn’t want to see a young, nubile futa ‘cramming’ for exams with her milfy teacher? After giving it to her teacher right on her desk, Gina blows an A+ load that’s sure to mark the kickoff of a wonderful new relationship!

Dress Up Game

When a lusty, big titted cougar teacher has her first futa cock, something strange happens…

They just gotta have more!

Mrs. Rose can’t stop thinking about Gina and her juicy teenage cock, so she takes a chance and invites the girl to the locker room for some after school fun.

Gina is almost convinced that her teacher is a fuddy duddy, but Mrs. Rose has a secret fetish that she only shares with a select few: this lingerie lover loves to cosplay as a slut!

This set features 69 images (wink wink) of even more futa on milf friskiness! Gina is more than just a little surprised to see just how much of an insatiable firecracker her teacher is, but thankfully, her cock is scared stiff!

What happens if the two get caught in the act? Enh, they probably wouldn’t notice even if they did, cause’ Gina will be too busy blowing loads deep into her teacher’s pussy!


It’s official: Gina and Rose are ready to take it to the next level! No matter that the huge tits teacher is married: she’s ready for a beach honeymoon with her new futanari squeeze!

Gina doesn’t seem to mind that her oral obsessed girlfriend is a cuckold queen, and she embraces the beach hotel’s ‘amenities’ with fervor. It’s not long before the couple finds themselves sunning on the beach, wearing bikinis that would make a stripper blush. Of course, with all the people gawking, Gina and Rose can’t help but give people something to REALLY look at…

Sun, fun and cum, no futa honeymoon is complete without a big cock smashing a big ass! Not before, of course, a milf has her daily rou-teen: giving that thick teen cock a hearty blowjob! It’s a precum milking, cowgirl riding, age play adventure that ends in a monstrous load. You’ve got to break a bride in on the honeymoon, right?