Yeah, yeah, the Marvels and the DCs have their fancy 3-hour movies and such, but who has four whole hours of elf porn, available for download right to your PC in this very moment? We’ll tell you who. The Grey Dorian, author of the erotic fantasy saga Kara’s Adventures, a 10-chapter fully animated and voice acted 3DX miniseries, now bundled up in one neat package! 

Get the whole experience in one go (or perhaps several, we’re concerned for your health here… Drink water!) at a discounted price. Cause remember, ten chapters means that the miniseries has earned the passionate and sustained support of the artist’s audience. That’s more than telling! But if that wasn’t enough, let’s take a closer look at Kara’s Adventures and all the juicy stuff found within.

Full Motion Fuck Motion

In a distant future full of magical creatures like elves and faeries, Kara is constantly assaulted by a mysterious man who comes to fuck her in her dreams. He gives her a good pounding every night, and for a while, she doesn’t think much of it… until it turns out, he was part of an interdimensional faerie scheme. 

The guardians of the gates between worlds have chosen Kara to visit faraway lands, encounter magical creatures whose might is only rivaled by their horniness, so our main character has no choice but to comply to their demands. The result is a long series of encounters that end in spicy situations. Kara herself will be changed by her journey, sometimes literally, and even when she returns home, she will bring some of those horny worlds with her, and spread the lewd magic amongst her friends.

The Grey Dorian presents the completed saga of Kara’s Adventures, almost four hours of fully animated 3DX depicting all sorts of supernatural scenarios. Find straight and lesbian scenes, magical dildos, group sex, futa transformation, futa-on-female, futa-on-futa, futa-on-male… The sky is the limit when the magic of the faeries is powering your sexual endeavours, isn’t it?

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