They say less is more, but also…more is more! This week, we’ve got some colossal new collections in the store, for stupid, dumb, absurdly low prices. What can you even buy for $5 anymore? Apparently, a 3DX compilation that’s over 600 images!

New Sets by Forged3DX

Nobody hits the 3DX anvil harder or hotter than Forged, and we’ve got two gigantic new pin-up compilations to prove this awesome creator’s mettle!

Straight pinup collection

250 hard hitting renders, featuring primed pussy, ahegao and naturally stacked beauties. Forged signature style shines through as these rendered vixens show you exactly why they’re centerfold worthy. What more could you possibly ask for? No, seriously, for this insanely low price, you absolutely can’t go wrong!

Futa pinup collection

Throbbing cocks, soft tits, and buckets of fresh futa love sauce…all in what might be the biggest compilation on the site! 670+ images: holy girl dicks!!

On top of this already oversized (much like these girls’ endowments) image collection, Forged was kind enough to add a few short animations. How’s that for a ‘fire’ deal?

Sweet New Ashley Sugar Set

Sweet, petite, and always on fleek! Ashley’s gals are ready to play and strut their stuff!

Meet my Girls

Boys will be boys, or so they say, but that goes double for girls! Ashley serves up over 350 astoundingly sexy renders, featuring lesbian loving and single pose pretties. A rainbow of deep colors and luscious skin tones is waiting to grace your hungry eyes, and Ashley always delivers the sugar! 

New futa romp by Nonsane

Few creators merge comedy, eye candy, and outrageous sex like Nonsane. If you’re a futa fan and you don’t know what I’m talking about, what have you been doing all this time?!

Adicktion Addition: Un-stoppable Zoomers

What’s the difference between the old generation of futa and the new one? They’re both horny as hell and full of an almost limitless supply of girl cum, but the new generation is a lot more spoiled!


Nonsane presents the perfect companion to the Adicktion Therapy series. A young couple, futa and female alike, both have their own secret fantasies. But will their fantasies remain secret for much longer? Yeah, probably not!