Purpose for Pain

Any serious fitness enthusiast will tell you that in order to succeed, you have to have GOALS! What’s the point in training, grunting and grueling if you don’t have your sights set on something? A marathon, hooking up with that fine college co-ed, a modeling competition, or, in Crystal’s case, a delicious, feminine, huge cock!

Ahegao goal

Futanarica is back with yet another installment of the “My Personal Futa Trainer” series! “Plank orgasm” marks the third animation in the series, and Crystal is all too eager to get down to training and draining!

Crystal’s got goals, oh yes, and fit futanari Lexi has been doing everything she can to make the blonde’s dreams come true. This taut, big tits blonde is ready to put her intense workout to the test with a down on all fours focus on planks and all the ass-up glory that goes along with it!

Futanarica focuses specifically on dynamic muscle movement in this 18 minute, fully voiced masterpiece! Closeups, POVs and included still images break down Crystal’s dick down workout in a spray by spray play by play!  The moaning blonde gets eaten out and pounded so deeply and so completely that her pussy gets to squirting in no time!

Of course, Lexi will do everything she can to push her client towards anal excellence and the culmination of all her hard work…

Hot, endless, womb filling creampies and big ass cumshots!

What Futanarica animation would be complete without girly fluids spraying and splooging everywhere? Crystal hits her goals in a big way, but the question is, what’s next on the fitness agenda?