The Spice of Life

Back in the day, if you wanted 3D comics, you had to settle for whatever you could find on some random flash site. Boo! Those days, however, are way over, and now there’s so much variety that it can actually become overwhelming. But my question is this: why choose when you can have it all?!

Kickstart your hedonistic headway with these brand new releases! 

New Release by Eris3D

Girl cock: all the time, every time! If you’re looking for a creator who always has at least one dickgirl in all of their sets (it’s usually more!) and lengthy sex scenes, look no further than Eris3D.

Ring of Doom

Life is hard for a single college lesbian with zero confidence. It sucks even more that Lara, our innocent protagonist, has to live with her sexy as hell best friend: she just can’t catch a break!

Futa Curse 106

It all changes, of course, when a seedy stranger offers her a mysterious ring. Lara isn’t usually the superstitious type, but her desperation wins out over her sense. Will it really turn her life around…or just give her a new ‘thick’ outlook on life?

Transformation, teleportation, and giving the bully what she deserves: Eris presents a story of succubus justice in the juiciest of fashions! Maybe her love life isn’t so doomed after all…   

New Release by Forged3DX

Dark, sexy, and always smoking hot, Forged hammers up some of the highest quality renders in the business!

Valentine Chronicles: Salvation

Jill awakens to find that she’s been infected! She scrambles for the antidote, but of course, things will not be so easy. A familiar voice, soft and demanding, gets her attention, and agent Valentine realizes that she’ll have to do a lot more than beg to get the cure…

This smokey futa on female romp might just have you begging for salvation. With multiple poses, closeups and no less than three cumshot scenes, Jill ends up being covered in head to toe with girl spunk. Will it be enough to earn her the antidote, or will her curvaceous captor require more?

This set also includes a rousing trailer for the accompanying animation! 

New Release by 3DZen

Zen has established themselves as a ‘household’ name in the futanari genre…you know, for all those families who are open about their love for 3DX…  

Futa Cop: Officer Riley

Lexi and Amy are off on a sweet lover’s retreat! They don’t expect much service at a hodunk middle of nowhere gas station, but the local cop (who’s busy giving ‘lunch’ to the cute gas station owner) gives them a friendly hello! She’s a friendly officer, who just wants everyone to feel welcomed…especially sexy new cummers who stumble into her neck of the woods!


Dirty cops, dirtier lesbians! Zen puts a nice couple through some questionable questioning and a handsy strip search as one cocked-up cop gives them the full interrogation treatment. These dismayed blondes get licked, lavished, and creampied as they figure out that maybe the whole thing was a set up from the beginning… 

Aswith any 3dZen set, there’s literal loads of fun to be had here, and this lady of the law doesn’t have any problems using her power to get off! Zen even tosses in an amazing bonus section at the end, where our lusty lawlady reconvenes with the cock hungry gas station clerk.

New Release by Sexy3dcomics

From outrageously cute and messy dickgirls to saucy, seductive adulterers, sexy3dcomics keeps bringing the audacious action in impressively sized PDFs!

Blackmaled: Layla’s Story Part 2

Layla can’t deny her urges any longer: she needs some more ethnic energy in her life! Her sex life is about as exciting as a bag of rocks (like her washed up husband) and her fantasies keep getting darker and darker. What can she do about it? Go to a club with Jen and get gangbanged for real??


Hell yes!

Layla lets loose and unleashes her inner slut goddess in this nut busting sequel! Cuckoldry, wanton adultery and 131 fully texted pages featuring a baddie blonde that just wants to get DPd! And boy does she ever succeed: it’s gotta make a girl feel pretty sexy when she can make 4 studs cum all at once!