F: First of all, thank you for taking time for us. Tell us, what are you currently working on?

3Dzen: I have 2 image sets that will be completed in the next few weeks. The first one is a Futa set, the futa gal happens to be a reclusive Nun living out in the woods, and let’s just say she practices her own religion. Unfortunately or fortunately, Taya, a petite big titty girl, has her car break down and after walking for hours stumbles upon the Futa Nun AKA Miss Regina’s home. Well, it’s dark and no cell or LAN line phone service due to “storms” the night before, so Taya is offered to stay the night, and also have the Nun “cleanse” her soul as she has quite the trash mouth. Let’s just say this new religion is quite an experience for our hot little Taya. In the end there is a surprise no one was ready for.

F: How intriguing!

3DZen: The other set is episode 9 of Resident Evil with Clair and Ada having to go back in time in order to save Jill. They have to find the origins and Jill’s relative who may be immune from the XXX Virus. They time warp thanks to ADA’s latest invention to a western town 200 years ago. They have 2 hours to get a sperm sample and DNA from Jill’s relative then meet back at the teleportation spot. They wind up running into new face-huggers who can multi-task. Clair finally gets “close” with Nemesis who fills her belly up while Ada is used by several Mutant XXX creatures. Not sure they will make it back, only “time” will tell. 

Both sets have comic / clean image versions, both over 100 images each.

F: That’s great. Do you have any plans for projects in the farther future?

3Dzen: Yep, on October I will be doing a monster set; new gals, new monsters. The Futa Twins will have a new set in December, perhaps. I also am working on Shades of Darkness 6.

F: I see that there’s a lot of stuff coming our way. That’s great to hear, I’m sure your followers will be more than happy about that.

Have you thought of where the plot of Futa Twins and/or Shades of Darkness is going from here?

3Dzen: The Twins will be meeting some other gals in “verse”, I introduced Miranda and Taylor at the Futahe Phutas Restaurant and also mentioned the chars from Training Days, Amanda and her stepmom. I could see one of the twins perhaps playing a little bondage game with Amanda’s stepmom or even a cheer team tryout with Miranda’s squad. Lots of options.

SoD is darker stuff, I do 1-2 a year, this one has to do with a bitch boss letting go/firing a guy and, well, let’s say he is not too happy about that and the roles are reversed. The bitch boss has become a very well-behaved submissive with some not-so-nice training.

F: Cool! Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about what we can expect from your kitchen in the future?

3Dzen: I appreciate the support your team gives and my plans are always to try and get 2 images sets done a month, not always but that’s the goal.

F: There’s a lot of merit there, two sets a month with the quality of your work is a lot of effort.


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