Cafe: Hello, 2C3D, thanks so much for agreeing to speak with me!

You’ve been creating some gorgeous renders recently: I’ve been looking through your twitter and other public posts and wow!

What drew you to 3D in the first place, and do you have any particular inspirations that urged you to create your own?

2C3D: Thanks!

I’ve always been fascinated by technology and the ability to turn pixels into art.  I originally started creating things about 10 years ago with 3DSexvilla 2, where I discovered that I really enjoyed posing characters and creating short animations. I started seeing 3D renders from Daz on different forums and was amazed at the level of photo-realism that could be achieved.  I switched over to that about 6 years ago and began my journey down this crazy rabbit hole.

As far as inspiration goes, I grew up before the internet, so I’ve always had a fondness for those centerfolds you’d see in Playboy or Penthouse.  I really wanted to see if I could recreate that kind of feel with my images.

Cafe: I would say you’ve achieved that very well! Your style is certainly reminiscent of centerfolds, especially with your soft, sometimes dreamy lightning.

I took a peek at your patreon page, where you state that you mostly focus on “girl next door” types. Classics are classic for a reason! 

What kind of stories do you like to tell with your characters, and do you have any designated “OCs” or mascots?

2C3D: When I’m working on a stand-alone image, like most of the pinups and girl/girl stuff I make, the goal is to capture a moment of sensuality and passion. I want the viewer to come up with their own narrative for what they’re seeing, so usually don’t put lengthy descriptions on my work.  It’s really rewarding for me to see a comment from someone where they’ve dreamt up an entire scenario around one of my images.

For series of images or comics, it’s more about an encounter.  Very slice of life with a naughty element to it.  I guess I’d equate it to watching a porno, but with still images.  In any event, the goal there is to show a sex-positive scenario filled with passion and emotion.  What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic!

When I first started publishing my work online 2 years ago I had names and personalities assigned to all my characters.  As time went on, I veered away from that in favor of making them all chameleons in a way.  I like to change their hairstyles and colors to fit what I’m working on and it seemed like publicly calling them by name no longer made sense.  That said, all 7 of the female characters I use have a defined name and style to them.  If I use one of them for story telling, I usually refer to them by this name and try to bring out the personalities I originally created for them.

Cafe: Hey, it’s really cool that you were able to make them so adaptable! That makes a ton of sense, actually; pretty innovative.

You mentioned (again on your Patreon) that you were working on a VN or something similar? What can you tell us about that?

2C3D: Haha, yeah.  Silver Creek is its name.  It’s currently on the backmost of back burners right now.  I really wanted to see if I could tell an interesting story from start to finish, so this project is very linear.  A kinetic novel, I guess you could say.  Basically, a boy meets girl kind of story.  Things were going really well with it and then I started to re-evaluate my goals at the beginning of this year.  I’ve been lucky enough to befriend several VN developers over the last couple years and I see what they go through.  It’s tough, very tough.  Fans can be demanding and the workload intense to keep supporters happy.  I have a huge amount of respect for all those crazy devs out there!  Couple all those things with a busy schedule IRL, and it just didn’t make sense to put myself through that right now.  The plan now is to work on it casually and release it when it’s 100% complete sometime in the future.

Cafe:That sounds good! I completely understand, having worked with many devs myself: their hussle can be insane! Definitely seems like the better idea to take your time with something like that.

Last question here! Is there any other kind of content (besides the VN) that you might be interested in making in the future? Especially if resources/cost aren’t an issue?

2C3D: Absolutely!  I’m nearly finished with a new comic and hope to have it released sometime this month.  It’s the largest one I’ve done to date at around 80 images.  I have ideas for a few more that I hope to complete this year, as well. Past that, there’s so much to learn!  I want to learn how to create custom assets like clothing and make the leap over to Blender as my main creative tool.  Eventually I’d love to get the hang of animation and start really bringing my stills to life. Until then, I want to continue to improve upon what I already do in hopes I can provide a few people with a tingly sensation.

Cafe: An 80 image set in your styling sounds plenty tingly, haha! 

I’ve noticed that a ton of creators are jumping off Daz and such for Blender; I really hope it goes smoothly for you.

I’m excited to see that you’re in this for the long haul, as well: you’ve got a unique, I would even say, poetic mood to your work.

Thank you so much for your time, and hopefully we can catch up in a few months and talk about your next big breakthrough!

Sophisticated, dreamy and outrageously sexy, 2C3D delivers the ‘girl next door’ with detailed style and grace. Why not give them a follow on Twitter, or, even better, check out their Patreon, where they regularly post high def, early access renders and exclusives; all for one super low, flat rate!