Our redhead intergalactic traveller just can’t take a break. When she’s not being surprise-sexed at a random motel, she’s kidnapped into a spaceship full of horny aliens with huge cocks! When will she get some time to rest and process all that’s happened to her, maybe reflecting on the unpredictability of life and the shocking realisation that we’re not alone in this vast, uncharted universe? Well, not now. She’ll be too busy fucking.

In this double presentation of Goldenmaster’s Sci-Fi series First Contact, chapters 4 and 5 will take us on an intergalactic erotic journey as our main girl gets experimented on and, with a little body modification here and there, bam! She’s a dickgirl now! And th e aliens will surely hop right on top of her so she experiences the new sensations her futanari cock can give her. What ensues is her and her girlfriend being played with by two aliens, all their holes explored, and the culmination is some hardcore double anal penetration that then becomes triple, because that’s how they do it in a galaxy far, far away!

However, our human characters want to go back to Earth, so as soon as the aliens fall asleep, exhausted from all that group sex, they run away! The brand new futa manages to get into a shuttle and eventually lands in an unknown planet, full of aphrodisiac-spitting phallic plants that get her as well as an alien couple that happened to be there, all hot and bothered and ready for some interspecies mating! A blowjob here, some anal there, some DP for the road… Both the futa and the alien chick will end up coated in intergalactic cum, right before a new creature appears, seemingly attracted by the moans and the shaking of bodies! What will happen now?

Find out in these new instalments of Goldenmaster’s sexy comic, First Contact!