Katy has this special talent for attracting all sort of horny creatures, doesn’t she? When she’s not being banged by alien lifeforms, she stumbles across hot ladies, with or without dicks, who are eager to get down on her business. By the end of this series, she’s gonna need a glass of water!

In GoldenMaster’s new contemporary comic, First Contact, we get our healthy dose of interstellar fuckery, just like the doctor recommended. Chapter 3 introduces us to Katy’s new futanari friend, who invites her to give her a blowjob while driving her to the mechanic’s garage. However, perhaps they should have reconsidered their plans to fuck savagely inside the truck’s cabin… while the dickgirl’s driving. One hump here, one thrust there, and BAM, they crash. And then aliens abduct them. No biggie.

Apparently, this extraterrestrial race of well-hung green creatures is investigating sexual behaviour for… scientific purposes. The girls, understandably shocked, are prompted to demonstrate how we do it on Earth, while the alien council beats their collective meats. Not long after that, the alien queen and her huge cock wants a piece of the action, and soon this wild sci-fi fantasy deranges into a group sex session where everybody gets some.

Some of the things these lucky ladies will experience include some male on futa goodness, a generous dose of double penetration, self oral, threesome, foursome, and a straight up orgy at the end with more alien cock than they can handle. And since there is no other proper way to end a gangbang, the evening will wrap up with a collective cumshot raining on the two humans!

Get abducted by this scintillating 129-piece erotic image set by GoldenMaster! Check out the previous instalments if you haven’t, and get ready because there is a lot more of this story coming your way!