Cafe: So, your works span an incredible variety of genres: nobody can pin you down! Before the catch-up, I’m really curious: Do you have a preferred genre or theme you like to work in?

  • 3Dzen: I stumbled across 3DX porn and what caught my eye was the Monster Sex image sets and playing Warcraft back when the Elf/Orc stuff was really popular. (that’s technically monsters). The hot girl in peril with a horny well hung monster would be my choice if I had to settle on one genre to focus on. I’ve done a few sets with Monster/Alien Futa but it’s just not as good as the Monster Vs. Hot girl scenario, in my opinion.

Cafe: Very cool. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose just one! Now, we’ve covered quite a bit of your content, but it’s tough to keep up because you work so fast: what are you working on right now? Anything you’re particularly excited about?

  • 3Dzen: I have been trying to release 2 sets a month: one Futa and One Monster set. Remote working has allowed me to focus on 3DX a lot more with no travel and no in-person office stuff. The two sets monthly probably won’t be 100% going forward, but that’s the goal each month.

    Currently, I have three image sets in progress. East Wing Contamination II: it’s an alien monster set full of face-huggers and strange creatures with hot girls, this will be done in a week or two. I also have part two of Step Futa Mom set, just started that one and should be done by the end of April. The other set is Shades of Darkness 3: it’s not as hardcore as the others, more of a mind-bender where a therapist mind controls local hot college girls. I started this one and got to like 100 images and restarted it from scratch, but I am already 70 images in, so this should be done in April, as well. I am going to make it a series with each set featuring a different therapy session and maybe a new girl here and there. 

    I am sure one of these sets will slip into May but trying to clear them all in April.

Cafe: Wow that’s awesome! We really appreciate you taking the time to catch up with us: personally, I love your futa content! Any last words or tidbits for you fans?

  • 3Dzen: Thank you, I appreciate any support I get, I am always trying to improve and I have lots to learn. 

    One thing I want to do is start animating, I need to make that happen at least a little bit in 2021 so keep an eye out. Most likely will be a few short loops bundled with image sets to learn the workflow and skill needed to do it. It may require me to learn a new platform, Maya/Blender etc… but it’s on the “to do” list this year.

Cafe: That would be amazing! Once again, thanks for sharing: we super look forward to your smoking hot futa pieces and your ‘horribly’ hung monster sets, and we’ll definitely stick around for those animations!

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