Mean Joe is a hair-chested outlaw carrying dangerous guns, the highest caliber being the one in his pants. Bounty hunter Maria, however, is not afraid. She thinks she can take him, bring him in to the authorities and get a pile of money on top of her name being recognised in all corners of the USA! But soon she’s about to find out, in a very hard (veeeeery hard) way, that she is completey wrong.

In this Western-themed contemporary image set, lewd master FantasyErotic jumps from elven fantasy to thrilling Wild West rough sex, in his one-shot Bounty Hunter. Maria, stunning milf and trained head hunter, thinks she’s right on Mean Joe’s trail, and is already counting the large sum of money that she’s gonna get by turning him in. But what she doesn’t know, is that she’s getting something very different, yet equally large, once the outlaw discovers her first, and captures her, his big cock already up and ready for some good old-fashion domination!

He forces Maria to give him tribute with a blowjob, but that’s just the beginning of the game. Holding her at gunpoint, he forces her to strip naked, showing him her juicy big tits. And the nightmare just keeps going, as Mean Joe puts her in bondage and invades her body from all possible angles, having the time of his life! It feels good to break the law, especially if that includes teaching some bold lady who’s boss in the Wild West. And she’ll have to receive and endure his big time cumshot action, whether she likes it or not!

If you love the Western genre, then this is an absolute treat for you, and if you’re looking for some rough bondage action, then for sure you can’t miss FantasyErotic’s new story, Bounty Hunter!