The magic of 3D porn is rendering fantasies that would be impossible to see in real life, letting our imagination run wild with no limits. Monster porn is a great example! Zombies, werewolves, minotaurs, vampires, demons… The list of horny hellspawns goes on and on, and we’re here for it! You can get your healthy fix of monstercock-stuffed ladies at NGP. Here are some ideas on where to start!

BioEvil, The Experiment, by RedRobot3D

This juicy Sci-Fi comic is perfect for transformation an growth porn fans! The evil Cumbrella has kidnapped supercop Jane St. Patrick, with the intent of using her for breeding the next generation of rape monsters! In this prequel to the Project K9 series, bondage, non-consensual sex and breast inflation are only some of the treats this product has for you. Watch those big breasts get milked as the feisty law enforcer fights her restraints with no success, forced into a huge pregnancy by a tentacle monster!

Residential Evil XXX, part 7, by 3DZen

Inspired in the same universe as the previous comic, this seventh instalment of the Residential Evil XXX action series features Jill and Clair falling victim to new types of monsters, that force them into heat as they are attacked by lickers, the Nemesis and other staple creatures, all of which are more than willing to take turns fucking every hole in the girls’ bodies. Highlights include Clair receiving a brutal monster anal, and the most extreme blowjob a licker has ever received, courtesy of a mad hungry Jill.

Magic Sausages, by GoldenMaster

Sometimes, you’re up for some monster fucking, but you don’t have any monster lying around. Well, good news! You can make your own with these handy Magic Sausages, all you have to do is feed them to your male friends and BAM!, they will turn into horny abominations who can’t wait to bury their huge cocks in you. Watch this monster-on-human foursome, as the girls experience some unforgettable group sex with double penetration and, why not, a little lesbian interlude because, that’s just how things be.

Knight Elayne Memoria, by Hibbli3D

Knight Elayne wasn’t always a brave paladin who faces the forces of evil (and gets fucked by them on a regular basis), but she sure remembers very well when it all begun. In this image set, we’ll see the petit blonde in her white lingerie, as a creature of darkness approaches her and has its way with her, stuffing her wet pussy with its demonic meat rod. 

Nikki’s Big Friend, part 2, by Fab3DX

In the spicy continuation of Nikki’s horny barnyard story, her blonde sister Crystal is now invited to witness, and join, Nikki’s hidden depravity. Because now she’ll learn that horses are fun to ride on, but they have other things to do for a lady’s joy, as well. We don’t like to spoil much, but let’s say that all that horse cum dripping from some lady holes is enough to send the sisters into a horny trip, with multiple sex toys at play as well as very, very naughty fingers.