Our love for futas will never die, and our desire to see them fuck the hell outta each other, will never be quenched. But worry not, for NGP’s eternal fountain of porn will never dry, and you’ll always be able to come back for your fix of lady cock. So, what’s new? What have been the latest addition to our futanari catalogue? Well, here we have curated a list of or top 5 picks, to scratch your itch exactly how you like it. Enjoy!

Pole Dancer series, by Pat3dx

Every girl has a big dream, and in the case of blonde Estelle, she has both a big dream and a big dick! She wants to become a pole dancer, so she leaves her old life behind to try her luck. In a new town, she meets Sasha, who falls in love with her huge dick and her slick moves! Erotic dancing, passionate sex, rivalry, revenge, and a threesome finale with serial blowjobs a legendary creampie: all the ingredients are here for a thrilling, erotic story about futa dancers fighting for a place in the industry!

Duel to the Holes, by GoldenMaster

In this futa transformation one-shot, GoldenMaster, who has previously seduced us with his monster porn renders, now invites us to The Hole, where feisty girls are dominated by powerful dickgirl sorceresses. Here we’ll see a brawl between two strong women who will heat up and turn into a wild display of street sex, featuring acrobatic positions, handjob, anal and a huge cumshot amongst other horny feats!

Of Future and Fantasy, by Nonsane

This image set is perfect for fans of huge cock, and when we say huge, we mean HUGE. If you liked the author’s previous work, Of Leather And Fantasy, then you can’t miss this one! The horny ladies having fun here, both sporting massive dongers, will play with cosplay and sex toys, driving each other crazy! Witness some impossible fucking, hungry oral, sweet huge tits, and see who can spot the ahegao first! Break free from the limits of your mind with Nonsane’s Of Future And Fantasy.

Futa Twins 2, by 3DZen

In the previous chapter of this incest futa story, the stunning milf Ameila had fun with the cocks of her twin stepsisters. Now, it’s girls’ day out at the spa, and of course, the uncontrollably horny twins will have fun with each other, their stepmom, and the hot, fit instructor Alyea: let’s say they start with a facial, but not precisely the one advertised at the spa! While the trainer is busy giving petite Kylie’s some pussy licking and a good handjob, before the twin shows her gratitude with some ass to mouth cum swap, Kayla stuffs her stepmom with a healthy dose of girl jizz. They will sure come back renewed from their trip to the spa!

My Personal Futa Trainer, by Futanarica

And just to finish this list with a bang, we present Futanarica’s shiny video-plus-image-set fitness porn product! Redhead trainer Lexi loves to “pump” some motivation into her student, showing them new positions and encouraging them to push their limits for the biggest reward. This juicy, cum-filled story will leave you panting just as much as the girls! Check out the latest addition to Futanarica’s erotic animation collection at NGP, and get that arm ready for those reps!