Jane St. Patrick has always been a career-oriented woman, focused on protecting the city from Cumbrella’s X-virus and all the horny abominations it creates. But now, it’s time for her to know the joy of motherhood… whether she likes it, or not!

Redrobot3D presents the prequel to Project K9, the secret story of Jane’s ordeals before she was found by the monster in heat that would later become her very, very intimate escape ally. If you’re up for some hardcore sexual experimentation on the female body, buckle up and get ready for this bondage and transformation comic! Warning: non-consensual sex on a feisty supercop ahead!

The beginning of Jane’s erotic misadventures has her trapped under the hand of Cumbrella: a perverted scientist gets her shackled to a machine, and the procedure starts. Now Jane will become the perfect breeder for a new generation of penetration-happy monsters! The scientist introduces Jane to a familiar face: Alice, one of her friends, now completely under Cumbrella’s control and mutated into a tentacle monster, bursting with jizz! Jane’s just about to get the creampie of the century, which will rapidly grow and grow into a huge pregnancy with a shocking, deepthroaty outcome!

But Cumbrella doesn’t let any loose ends. The monster baby will need some feeding, and of course, as the scientific body that they are, they know very well that the best nourishment for a newborn is breast milk. And the little one must be fed well! So they inject Jane, who helplessly fights her restraints, with a mysterious serum that will transform her already big breasts into massive, bursting mounds! And the milk will be collected.

Fans of body mods, pregnancy and tentacle sex, gather around Redrobot’s latest addition to the NGP store! Witness the miracle of life and see an involuntary mommy cum and get milked in the comic Bioevil: The Experiment!