Okay, let’s level here: not everyone who holds down a job is necessarily qualified to do what their job description states. We’ve all worked with someone who was mooooore than likely hired for other reasons, but you can’t always question the company or you might lose your own job!

Some people are well aware of their, for better or worse, favored consideration, but instead of denying it, they embrace it wholeheartedly…people like Lana, for instance!

Sneaky Bastard’s bombshell blonde is back, stockings and all, in “Busted 2: Business expenses”! In part one, this recently hired secretary proves that she’s perhaps not the best with numbers (check out a little expose’ HERE!) but she certainly knows how to take inches! There’s always more than one way to succeed in the workplace, after all, and Lana plans to climb the ladder to get what she wants…even if she has to straddle it!

This comic set is well over twice the size of part 1 at 143 mesmerizing 4K images, with and without sizzling text. Sneaky Bastard starts the party off right with an extended celebration between the company CEO and his (faithful?) new secretary! The firm has just struck a deal that will be good for everyone, but the boss is looking to strike something else.

Lana might not be good with a filing cabinet, but she knows how to make a man feel young again as she manages to coax the boss for all he’s worth. Lana’s boss is a bit into power play, and Lana is more than a bit REALLY into it, since she can get her cumshot and anal fix all while getting a raise! Who says she’s not working for her money?  

After their oh so professional office celebration, Lana is invited to an all expenses paid ‘business’ trip to help close the deal. How could a girl refuse a five star experience? After a bit of naked self reflection, she decides she’s feeling a bit lonely and goes to see if she can sneak in a last minute massage. The guy behind the counter tries to tell her that they’re closed for the evening, but once again, Lana finds a way to get her way, and shows him that she’s ALWAYS open for business!

Noblondie gives a blowjob like Lana, but she’s not prepared for the mind blowing interracial encounter, hot creampie or outstanding oral service she receives. If you like divisive dames, stunning closeups and great stories, you’ll love SB’ newest set! Even though Lana’s at work, she’s waiting for you to cumplay…I wonder if she’ll be able to consider getting reamed a write off?