You have to give it to girls who are willing to get butt naked in the middle of a snowy field, for our eyes’ delight. After all, who needs winter clothes, when you can keep yourself warm by snuggling and fucking a hot girl just like yourself? These women have it all figured out, and beware the slippery ground, because they’re just about to melt the snow!

Our man Xide has already introduced us to Triniti, the outgoing exhibitionist who loves masturbation in the open, and also the blonde sweetheart Xayla in her laundry lesbian adventures. Now, it’s time to see what happens when they meet, an also, they happen to be horny AF!

It all starts with our cute girl with pigtails, Xayla, and her encounter with a very lucky snowman. She thinks to herself, “my, that carrot nose be looking mighty fine, I can’t way to ram that ish up my front entrance!”, to paraphrase her. 

She ditches her clothes, and next thing you know, she’s riding that carrot like a champion slut! She was having enough fun by herself, touching her bigbreasts and playingwith her new toy, but uh-oh! Someone was watching her all along! (And getting wet in the process, may we add.) It’s Triniti, the small-breasted yet big-horny pink haired bombshell whose pussy would like to whisper some secrets to Xayla’s! Needless to say,the blonde is more than up for it.

What ensues is a long series of lesbian acrobatics, as they grind each other, scissor and finger their hungry slits, and as a finisher, use the afore mentioned carrot as a strap-on and double dildo to drive each other crazy! Will this lesbian romance bloom like a winter flower? Discover that today with Xide’s new 157-image set, Xayla and Triniti Playing in the Snow!